Having one of those mornings. Those mornings when you wake up and the world is fresh and new and you feel like you just gave birth to a pygmy elephant maybe. Where did all the zest go? Where's the wonder and amazement that makes life fun and seem under-appreciated? I feel like I've run out of things to think, and it's got me feeling completely un-spired.

The paradox at hand is that I immediately felt like writing about it, which makes me, by definition, in-spired. But it's nary a sort of inspiration I would want to act on, let alone expose to you, the public, or pass as anything resembling art. But as the King of Austria once said, "*Cough* Well! There it is then!" via riveting Hollywood tale of a musician's tediously composed, fatal vie to the death with a god among men.

I wonder what percentage of the population thought Mozart a pretentious prick in his day? I wonder what percentage of the people that read this blog (which currently reaches a steady two-hundred-forty-a-day) even give a fleeting deuce about the artistry behind these words. This is a barrage of Bohemian soul-bearing that will undoubtedly bring about a blippity rip in the universe as we know it. And who is acknowledging it? And why do I, a contributor to this loud nothing, feel the need to?

Ahh! I am dispassionately raging against all rage and here is my frustration, as absurd as it may be, that this "love", this hingeless, constantly revolving door, that goes in and out of true assurance and the deepest form of fear and discontent, has spawned an harmonious choir of typists, dead-set on amalgamating their recounted wows and woes, here, on this server, linked by this URL, and, in the midst of this age's common sense and common fallacies, the passions that resonate in these hearts and minds so loudly and with such rapidity and intensity that it could not be contained within the bounds of their boundless minds, do this all for nothing, but for the sake of sake itself.

"Why?" is the question that plagues me. And my "heart", she answers "why not?". And so I pass this notion on to you, and beg you pay no heed.


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