Love is a dynamic thing. Like the rest of the universe, it's in a constant state of flux, so when things stop getting saucy, it can seem like "it's going to be like this forever", but there's always this amazing unexpected turnaround that just pops up when you're least expecting it.

The same is true for creativity. While I'm waiting for both to *shwoop!* back to their regular pulse, I'll offer up some dangerous musing for you all.

In the beginning, love created expectation, and all its accompanying emotional turmoil. After it all went downhill and life lost it's flavor, that anti-climactic trough that bears no fruit seemed to be all that was or would ever be. But here it is, the turn, just before the prestige, where patience is key, emotion is useless and the seeds of anticipation are waiting to take root. When will the Winter end and Spring return? We wait, we wait, we wait...


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