In between each little particle of love is a force of attraction. Either you dig it, or you can't. So then you have to be disastrous with your panties, or socks, but the thing is you have to choose. Or you lose. There are place mats and lots of styrofoam and people who can't stand capitalization. Once upon a time I pretended I was hurt for a while, then when I passed seamlessly through the prison bars I saw you. The answer is yes, but it's highly conditional. If you ever get the chance to make a movie, take it, and add a few condiments, because flavour is key. I don't know what it is about beans, but they are delicious and guzzling down a few brewskies like you're riding the Gravy Train down South doesn't have the privilege of making a difference. I've never been to Turkey personally, but I hear it's nice this time of vagina. You, me and my romantic sensation should pass the time here in sobriety once the opportunistic landlady pays me back. Crash wasn't that loud, but it had a lot of ATP. So I think biologically we're very similar, but your jeans don't match the color of my heart. Tick tock tick tock rhymes with stock, and I spend a lot of time at the market soooo...we're even. I bet you had a bad day when you found out your yeast was infected, because all your bread was on loan from the government. And who knows when your Post-it Notes will be considered legal tender. I like my steak MEDIUM WELL, because I have trouble interpreting psychic intra-action.


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