There are so many people, yo. SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE.

Once a dude realizes that there are a minimum 3 billion vaginae on the planet, and that a hard minimum 1% of them are cock-accessible, things change. Things change drastically. What do you do with all of this vagina? Do you just leave it to its own devices? Do you put it all on a pedestal, acknowledging the fact that no one man can safely peruse the entire stock? Or do you accept the challenge to ransack the accessible products and put the ones that are too expensive for your current budget on layaway/wait for the unripe stockpile to go on back order?

I don't know, I'm kinda surprised at myself, a rat-packing, never-have-enough, diehard collector of all things beautiful. Because I am completely reliant on the one, handsome, collector's edition piece I happened upon last winter, and I'm even more surprised that she seems to be just enough to quench the whole of my appetite. But like I asked before, what's to do with all this EXTRA PUSSY???

So, there's a whole planet of platonoids to flirt with, assume the position as the kindly, bangable gentleman, then spring on them that I am a one-woman-wanktard with all but my 8-inches to spare. "Sorry ladies," I say, "But we all have to make sacrifices to keep what we have".

So I have generously decided to dedicate my life, despite my masochistic "do you want more?"--"yes, yes!"---"I can't hear you!"--"YES!!! SCAR ME FOR LIFE!!!" *WHHHP-CRACK!* status, to put the rest on a pedestal, partly for my own entertainment, and mostly for yours. Good night and gene-bless.



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