Fuck You if You Can't Open My Door


There's no reason that guys have stopped doing the things that once made us all fall in love with them... Well... Except for the fact that they're friggin idiots. Which, I guess, is reason enough.

Everybody nowadays is looking for love, but nobody wants to work for it. We're a uber-fucking-lazy bunch. It's our forefather(/mother)'s faults. They made that shit look too damn easy, and didn't show us how hard it truly is.

Kay, enough of the bitchin' & blaming, my point is:
Look, I know I'm a great fucking catch, and so do you. But if you want to get the fish, you gotta damn use bait. I don't know what's up with you soft bastards... I guess it's the whole "buying the cow when you can get the milk for free" deal.

So this is a call-to-arms for the ladies, quit giving shit up if the dude isn't doing shit for you. Fuck this whole independent ladies scheme. Fine, you can do for yourself, more power to ya, but so should he. Not saying that guys should be the sole provider... but c'mon girls... we gotta do better than this.

I see people walking around all the time. The guy has on a nice little jacket, and the girl, in effort to look glamorous just for him with her cute little halter dress and is shivering with her arms across her chest in that "I'm cute but cold as shit" pose. (ladies, you all know how we do.) She's probably made at least one comment about being freezing. And the asshole has probably said, "yeah, me too." (and I know, guys, you're wondering why she didn't wear a jacket. and OF COURSE she knew it was going to be cold, but she wanted to look just amazing for you. Plus you guys are totes able to wear 10x more clothes than we are at ANY given time. That is, unless she's going dykey-style...) Not once does he offer up his jacket to her, but he does expect her to offer up her ...hmmm... how do you say... vagina* for the date they've had... because... he wants to be warm too.

NO feminism, but aren't we past the friggin age where they do nothing but reap all the benefits? If you want a guy for long term, I think it would be best to maybe kick him for the lack of chivalry then again... I don't have a boyfriend. So maybe my hopes are too high?? Nope.

I don't want a guy who can't do for me, and, yes, I do plan on doing for him, too, but you gotta woo me if ya want me.

*G-O-D i hate the words for the female genitalia

SBF searching for a SM
who doesn't mind being a real M,



  1. *how about soul-devouring abyss


    *cave of great fear and wonder
    *inside your sugar walls (via la frere)
    *slurp 'n slide
    or finally, *pansyland

    please don't hurt/make fun of me for being a chauvinist, I was raised this way :(