I'm sliding. I'm slipping and sliding in and around the idea of whether I'm angry with the world or genuinely elated by it. This is domestic bliss. I've gotten what I want on all ends and the only thing that could fuck it up is nothing. Literally, this is the end all be all that I worked it up to be in my head, and I can't rip myself away from it. So I've got to tweak my way around it. Life was a sham before this and each opportunity I got to fuck something up seemed like bliss, because I was so far from "the truth", that I wanted to drag everyone down with me! And now that I'm in it, and a part of it, now that I'm completely satisfied I'm ultimately absolutely dissatisfied with the static nature of it. Prepare for Buttercup McGillicuddy Pt.2.


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  1. I get it, now what? You are so overwhelmed, and complete that you no longer have holes to fill with words. But worry not. It will come back to you and you'll keep your reacquainted happiness.