i need a good screw


I really just wanna fuck.

I wanna be unable to walk tomorrow because it was so damn good.

But guys nowadays are all into all of that lame, "I love you. I want to have your babies shit." FUCK that. I want to be torn the hell apart. And walk away from him and never see him again, if necessary.

I am sorry if I seem a bit vulgar (<-that was just a formality, after all, it is my first day. Not to blogging, I'm no virgin to that, baby...), but, as La Frere said, FUCK MODESTY. Guys are able to ask for stimulation however they may, but when a female asks for it she's a whore? FUCK that bullshit. I'm no raging feminist, but I can ask for what I want. When I want. And if you don't like it, you have all rights to go find a cock, sit on it, and ride hard. We're all adults here, anyway, aren't we? But... (there's always a but, isn't there??)

I don't want the fuck that you're imagining. I want to be mindfucked. And not by just anybody somebody who can truly hold a good conversation. Somebody who can do alot more than just say the lines men have been using since before they could grunt.
Yeah, I just called you a caveman...
What're you gonna do about it but read on??
I want a conversation in ten different positions all in one night (or day... i'm not too picky). I wanna be able to look @ him in the face without shame the next morning, because my words weren't too much for him to handle. I want him to be pliable and open to new conversations.

There are a million things to converse about.
Must we talk about your new kicks and where you shop every conversation, sir?
I thinks not.

Peace out, homeskillet.

(and not because of my amazing...
then again...)

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