Recently everybody has been talking about 'rights' and a person's right to 'be with whoever they want,' or something. I feel unsure about the political parameters for these sort of claims, but I think legally it should be nobody's right to impose their lengthy/boring human existence on anybody else, especially if they are a morally corrupt fudge-packer/rug-muncher. But that's just my opinion, and based on that analysis, I think I might be trying to disclaim parenthood too. Unsure.

Look at these picture:

These gentlemen look like they could feasibly be 'good dads' or 'faithful partners,' but based solely on the blatantly exhibitionistic tendencies of their subculture, maybe it would be improper to support 'gay flamboyance' in the younger generation.

But maybe 'marriage' isn't about procreation or 'raising babies, at least,' and is about spending the duration of 'this painful existence' with someone you feel 'okay-to-good' about relatively consistently [via genital exploration].

If that 'is the case,' then I think that it is justifiable to say that the inconsistency of human decision-making has proven that nobody is willing to be subjected to that much psychological terrorism. It has been recently stated that marriage typically ends in divorce or something. If that is true, then gay marriage will probably end in divorce too. That is my argument, roughly.

Look at this picture:

It's gross. I don't like this. Trying to forget that I saw/posted/actually googlesearched this. I feel like I would be substantially less affected if it were a fat bro joyfully making love to his fat woman, but this shit is awful.

What if we lived in a world where gay sex wasn't gross. What if we lived in ancient Greece/Rome/Gomorrah and 'gaiety'/gayness were a wondrous, beautiful thing.

We do not live in that world. Unfortunately, we live in a world where consensual, legally mature, coital satisfaction creates good feelings in the majority of people, and an unfortunate downside to those good feelings is babies. This can't be undone. This is a realization they gays must come to if they ever want to achieve true solidarity/social conflation.

Look at this picture:

Fucking 'beautiful.' People should not get married. They should just have tons of sex and avoid babies or something. This has been an extensive and underwhelmingly poignant post by Buttercup McGillicuddy.



'Think Tank' is a poetry collection by Messrs. Jordan Castro and Richard Wehrenberg Jr.
Jordan Castro sent me a copy 'gratis.'
I am unsure why.
I told him I would review 'Think Tank' 'posthumously,' and schedule it to appear on this blog.
I enjoyed reading the poems collected in this chapbook thing.

Thematically it seems Jordan Castro and Richard Wehrenberg Jr. are obsessed with 'domination' and 'conquering' in a fundamentally non-sarcastic way,
But seem to realize the futility of feeling the desire/impulse to 'dominate'/'conquer' things,
Since the practices of 'claiming dominion' and 'being a conqueror' seem to be the opposite of 'life-affirming,'
Due to intense human suffering caused by these abstractions.
These poets seem able to address this sarcastically through their poems or something.

Jordan Castro

The voice that Jordan Castro writes with seems foreign, or not himself; well-constructed,
Like he is writing about someone pretending to be someone else, from the perspective of an objective observer.

I enjoyed the effect that this style had on my reading experience.


Richard Wehrenberg Jr. seems like he could feasibly have been 'a jock' that had 'an existential awakening' a la Jack Kerouac,
And writes primarily what his passions/thoughts are, while frequently questioning the physical/abstract states of various things.
Seems like Richard Wehrenberg Jr.'s writing is less fictional/written from 'a more honest/questioning' voice than Jordan Castro's maybe.

I most enjoyed reading four of the last three poems, called 'how cell phones ruin romantic poems', 'like matryoshka dolls', and the title piece, 'think tank for human beings in general'.

I like poems about one person talking to another person self-consciously,
'Think Tank' has a lot of poems in this vein.

I think that Jordan Castro is a prodigious young poet and will continue to write good things in the near/semi-distant future and feel sad that I will be dead when this happens.

I think that Richard Wehrenberg Jr. has a unique vision of the world,
And I enjoy the effect that the experience of 'trying to visualize "the world" how Richard Wehrenberg Jr. visualizes "the world" via reading his poetry' has on my brain/perception of 'the world.'

I recommend this poetry collection to depressed people everywhere,
And specifically recommend reading Jordan Castro's 'this morning i worried about my face, among other things',
Therapeutically, to briefly assuage severe feelings of self-loathing.

Have a good evening.

Jordan Castro
Richard Wehrenberg Jr.



I didn't get laid 'last minute' and feel pretty shitty about this decision, overall.

For everyone who read, contributed, shit-talked, and supported me/RoRhet, thank you.

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To everyone who has been here from the start, you're the man!

And to all the girls who inspired this blog specifically, thanks for nothing.

Adios amigos.


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