You know your collective is falling to shit when the members resort to personal attacks via the media they use to communicate to the public. This is me getting that out of the way while we still genuinely hate each other and don't depend on one another financially.

Floyd, you are pretentious, you are Canadian, you are a (just above) mediocre photographer, it took me a half-hour to beat the videogame you made in Flash, and since I'm assuming it was made to be beaten in 3min or less, I'm going to have to call you a bad videogame maker too.

But your writing is pretty fucking fantastic.

Not to put you out there or on the spot or anything, but do you kinda have a thing for La Frere? You know she's really a dude right? And I mean like a fat dude with male-patterned baldness and back hair and a couple of illegitimate kids, yo. So um, that makes you a queer.

Guess that explains why you like Ginsberg so much. Everybody knows Kerouac was a more authentic Beat. Only queers dig Ginsberg man, most of us Kerouacans just pretend to out of pity and kind of b/c he was important to the movement or w/e.

And obvi your film taste is shit, because I obviously said that Adventureland was going to be a bad movie, and everybody knows that I'm the filmmaker (as opposed to the "film student") in the collective, so I would know best. So how 'bout you rein in that ego there buddy? LEAVE THE ART TO THE PROFESSIONALS.


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