People do not follow advice. They don't.

Take US for example:

Ulysses is a genuine guy, he wears his insecurities on his sleeves. Both of them. And being his friend can be a real hassle sometimes, but that's what relationships are, a hassle.

Simone is the distant-but-present type. She's a quality broad but has "commitment issues" and generally prefers the thrill over the fill. She is the muse of many men and rightly so, but her own mind is fraught with insecurity.

What happens when these two personalities collide? Well, on the part of Ulysses, who is a buffoon, and is probably mildly autistic given his inability to perceive others' emotions, is constantly enthralled by what is right in front of him, and yet is preoccupied to a fault by the potential hazards on both sides of immediate timeline. So he is constantly under the impression that his feelings are not reciprocated and is consumed by the implications of potentially being "hated" by Simone. So he hesitates. While Simone basically goes through a menstrual cycle of passionately adoring and apathetically (though politely) removing the men who have left the zeitgeist of her mind's harem, and out of apprehension and self-protection, is masturbating to the reassuring mantra that her philandering ways are the best and the brightest. But only to maintain the status quo, and is thus, static.

Neither course of action is unjustifiable. But neither are they necessarily advantageous. They are both simply character traits manifesting as insecurities, when in reality both parties are unaware of the fact that they can be securely characteristic of themselves, together.

I've tried to show them the obviousness of their tactics, and they both agree, in self-awareness, that they are cyclical beings. But advice, unfortunately, does not breed results. Only change does. And we can only rewire one neuron at a time.


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