Eloise took a gander at the situation. The daisy sat, nimbly between her fingers, three petals remaining, "Fuck, he doesn't love me." But who is to judge whether the universe will correlate this happenstance of pagan ritual and the actual chance of attraction between the two strangers? Only I can say.

Sam paced the floor wondering if it would be a boy or a girl. Back and forth and back again his soles wore away, one microscopic layer of rubber at a time. The bell rang. The door flew open, he counted them, one, two, three, four, aaaaaand...the town hermaphrodite walked out of the classroom. He looked back at his horoscope. "There's no way am I asking Francis to prom. Must've been a typo." He threw the paper in the garbage just as Lacy Freidberg walked out. "Hi, Sam!" she said, fumbling her books a bit.
"Oh, hi Lacy." He replied, noticing how the flowers played around her boobs in that summer dress. "Hey Lacy, do you have a date for prom?"
"Actually yes, or no, I don't. In fact I was wondering if you would tell your brother Matt I was wondering..."
"Oh, yeah, sure...I'll let him know."
"Also, I was just talking to Francis, and well, his cousin Amy, who goes to school across town, just missed her prom because there was a death in the family. I think he was going to ask..." Just then Francis chimed in.
"Naw, forget it, I just got a text from Amy, she's going to Bakersfield's prom with this guy, Hannibal." Should have talked to the fifth person out about the dance when you had the chance dumbass, Sam thought to himself.
"You got a date yet, Francis?"
"Mind wearing a dress?"
"Then let's do this thing."

After the dance Erin took Ahmed back to her car and the wind played all through his dreads. I never should have cut my hair this short, she thought to herself, then I'm sure he would have liked me.
"What are you thinking?" He asked her, hoping the answer was somewhere along the lines of "we should make out in my car", but of course...
"Oh, nothing." She slipped the key into the door and auto-unlocked the rest. Ahmed sat in the passenger seat. Nervously, Erin started the car and began the long, silent drive. He's being so quiet, she thought, I stepped on his feet all night and danced with other guys and should have said no to Tommy when he asked to have the slow-dance. Jesus! I've been the worst date in the world, and here we are after what should have been a great night, the most awkward couple ever, and we're not even a couple. Why did I pressure him into this? I'm such a bitch!
"Um, Erin," said Ahmed.
"Yeah?" she perked up.
"Where are we?"
"Oh my god! This is my house! Ha ha, I'm such an idiot I should have driven you..."
"No, actually, I forgot my keys, so...if it's alright with your parents..."
"They're actually...haha!" she found the resolve in spite of the awkwardness to get it out, knowing he didn't like her, "They're out of town for the weekend."
Ahmed smiled, SCORE!


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