Supposedly there is a distinct connection between 'horniness' and music that is considered 'sexual' in nature, or 'sexy' or something.

I looked on the local Youtube, Vevo, and Vimeo websites and other places and found some music videos that seem 'sexy' and 'doable.'

This first one is pretty beautiful, objectively, I think. Look at it:

Seems like this video is 'pretty doable,' with relation to how sexual it is. Unsure if I feel 'aroused' by watching it, but maybe. Look at this next video. It is a little less shocking in nature, though I don't think my parents would have let me watch it as a young child:

I think the broad who sings this song was deemed 'bat/shit crazy' shortly after releasing this video. Feel like this is not respecting the intentions I had when naming this article.

Is music really tied to sex? Or is it just thought to be? Maybe because it is rhythmic and induces euphoria, people assume there is an obvious connection between the two, but maybe there isn't.

I don't find the following video/music sexual/sexy at all and don't understand how any woman could/could have in the past:

Feel very curious about what specifically attracts women to big-name rock/pop/slow jamz singer-types. Is the attraction sexual and/or rooted in basic chemical/hormone function? Is it evolutionarily viable for millions of women to be obsessed with one crooner? What about this shit:

Supposedly women were willing to have sex with this bro at some point. Seems weird. What modern parallels can be drawn?

Feel really confused about the possibility that a lot of people are 'okay' with looking at these bros and thinking 'this is in no way embarrassing and I am interested in having sex with these guys if/when they are legal,' on the basis that it is completely shitty and that that old, late-bro who killed himself by accident while jizzing cameos somewhere in this.

Maybe nobody thinks these things though, and I can feel good that I live in a hypothetical world where wanting to mate with people who are unaware of how embarrassingly their are playing their lives out doesn't happen.

But people do think these things, and if the Jonas Bros don't have to have their dicks amputated because to diabetes first, they will probably fuck someone eventually maybe, and that seems not good to me.

Here is an example of how Lady Gaga 'gets sexual' or something:

When I first heard about/listened to/saw Lady Gaga, my initial reaction was 'I don't want this bitch anywhere near my cock,' and have strategically avoided her since. Now, with the advent of Guido culture becoming popular, I think that dirty Italian skanks have clearly become the new desired genitals to touch.

Bros/Broads, question: are you horny yet?

Here is something I think seems unusually attractive, like, 'I may not have had sex with either of these broads before I found out they made music like this, but now, maybe, idk.'

Then there's like, weird shit like this, where it is difficult to discern if you feel aroused by it or not:

I think I feel dehydrated and aroused after looking at this this time. Unsure.

Now here is some shameless promotion 'for da bros':