you can only degrade me if you're sexy

(amongst many other aliases)

it has been a lloooooong fucking time since i have posted anything, but whatevs. 
i'm alive. 

anyway, back to my point. 
i have just recently seen the video for every girl.
a vulgar song by everyone's (secret) favorite rapper* and some random guys 
[including that guy who was in the wheelchair from degrassi.]
and the song states that they want to fuck every girl in the world. 
which i can appreciate, cuz you know... 
guys are like that. 
but the guys in this video are just plain ol' UGLY. 
and we knew lil wayne was ugly, he's been ugly since 2000 or so... 
but i had hopes that maybe i, or any of my friends, would actually find at least one of these dudes cute enough to not mind if they fucked one of my friends. 
but they are not. 
and for that reason, i cannot genuinely enjoy the song.

it's like... 
imagine that there is a cute little 2 yr old who likes to shout, "fuck you."
versus an ugly 5 year old who does the same... 
you are gonna look @ the 2 year old and say, "awwww, he said fuck me. hooow cuuute!!"
but the 5 year old, you are definitely going to at least think, if not say, "what the hell did that ugly fucker just say to me?"

so, yeah. 
if you're not sexy... 
please don't degrade me.
cuz i won't like your songs.

*that is, unless you hate rap... yeah, right... you idolize him... admit it

alright world, twas nice talkin to ya, 



  1. i would like to 'fuck' every 'girl' 'in the world'

    not including transgender women

    or 'girls' under the age of consent in the country/state that i am in

    but also i think that the emotional and hazardous repercussions (i.e. 'love', conception) prevent me from verbalizing it

    these niggers are 'bold'

    might make up for 'being ugly' maybe

    but i would recommend a very durable brand of condom

    and a 'one-time policy' or something similar

    sweet post auntie