What happened to the 'Cold [via Russia being above the Arctic Circle sometimes] War', and the threat of all of civilization getting wiped out?

I think it might have had something to do with some president's cock being bigger than another's, and 'some asshole "world leader"' thinking it was okay to make the discussion really awkward by pulling out the 'yeah, so what if your cock's bigger, I've got a bigger nuclear device' argument, which doesn't really sound as much like an argument as it sounds like a threat.

I think that the size of a nuclear weapon kind of replaced the 'cockwars' internationally for a while, but now America's got a Black president, so there's no question which 'douchebag who runs a country' has the biggest cock. But I guess they've stopped discussing the 'grower vs. shower' debate. Gotta say I'm gonna miss it [via being 'both' + good at 'paying attention to multiple ladyparts at a time' ;-)]

Since cock/nuclear device size isn't as important as it was back in the day [from the Paleolithic Era to c.1981] what gives countries their 'relevance'/'power'? Is it still a complex metaphor regarding having 'a bigger stick'? Or is it something more 'abstract' like having more money than the other country [and is this the same as having less debt/hotter bitches]?

I'm kind of scared GUYS. I don't know if I'll be able to compete in a world that doesn't care if you're 'hung like an elephant'. It's like when all the pimps in Detroit realized their cocks were >12in. and decided to 'fuck bitches, get money, & pool our resources to get out of the ghetto, y'all'. Worried that my concept of thug life is outdated [via being non-existent].

But SRSLY GUYS, what if a country bombs us out of some preemptive 'I think Obama's going to pull out his cock' strike, like China or something? I hear their cocks are second in smallness only to Japan, which isn't that hard to believe if you've ever seen Japanese porn.

But at least the Japanese have plenty of shit to make up for their 'Gross National Cock Size' [via having had a monopoly on everything that's been cool since 199_], and besides, they don't have a real military and are kind of 'over it'.

But I'm just worried that 'politics' may become a big deal again. It seems to be 'looming over our heads'. But maybe I'm just paranoid. Maybe my conservative parents are wrong and the internet will 'unite us in a way that was not previously possible', and 'Marxism' and 'free love' will become 'real'.

I kind of hope so. I kind of hope that one day all the bitches in the world will be willing to put out in the name of 'free love' and contraception and STD prevention will make the world a perfect place, where cock size was a concern of the past [via looking in the mirror five minutes ago] and politics was a moot point [via the government not letting you talk about it].

What do YOU GUYS think? will the next world war be over water? Energy? Marijuana?

Can't wait till water is the biggest commodity in the world!!!


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