Alcohol makes you want to have sex, guys. I don't know why this is. There are probably hundreds of thousands of 'chemicals' 'involved' in the process, and I'm not sure if they 'make you hornier' or free up your 'inhibitions', but somehow people always end up sticking 'genitals' or other 'appendages' or sometimes even 'objects' places where, supposedly, without alcohol, people wouldn't dare go unless there was money involved. Odd. I guess even if you're not drunk and are alone with someone for an extended period of time, eventually there'll be some thump-gushing, but it tends to be 'awkward' or something. I don't know why everyone expects the 'conditions to be perfect' for sex, but I guess it's fortunate that alcohol 'makes the conditions right' or 'conditions your brain to ignore how awkward you are', which is good, I think. I like sex, all the time, no matter the 'circumstances', even if I don't 'cum' with the girl, or at all, so the fact that alcohol makes it the 'obvious conclusion' to one-on-one interaction is great.

Here's a list of other things I didn't realize I liked to do until I realized I liked alcohol:
Fighting (for no good reason)
Smoking cigarettes
NOT smoking weed (after drinking a lot)
Doing gay shit
Breaking things
Hurting myself
Hurting douchebags who hit on the girl I'm talking to (which is like fighting but isn't for 'no good reason')

Damn. Another blogger blogged about this earlier today and I didn't even realize until just now. Damn. Don't want to post this anymore.


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  1. ugh breaking things is this ridiculously necessary impulse that is attributed to excessive alcohol consumption.
    haven't the slightest idea as to why, but it is so true.
    yay for non-awkward alcohol sex