‘How’s the girl?’
‘That’s her name. Celeste.’
‘You named her?’
‘Yeah. Well, sort of.’
‘She’s a seraph. That’s a reference to Judaic angels. Angels come from Heaven, or Caelum in Latin. Celeste. Like celestial. It was her idea, I just sug-gested...’
‘I get it. Okay. How is she?’
‘Just dandy.’
They’ve just had sex, a concept that is completely foreign to your author, however I will do my best anyway to make this chapter as pornographic as possible. I think that this conversation would be considered ‘post-coital’ in aes-thetic. It is bland and the subject matter is lacking a certain nuance or complexity or something. In other words, it’s ‘awkward’, which isn’t conversationally unusual for Jimmy and Kayleigh, but at the moment they are particularly aware of the dreaded adjective’s presence.
In the downtime until the first cache location is released, they are inevitably in the throes of a certain passionate reig-niting of ‘the old flame’, despite the fact that Jimmy should probably be continu-ing his training. He feels unusually overly prepared, and all the schedules and routines have left him restless. So, since Kayleigh shacked up with him, the distraction has been somewhat irresistible. But once again, things are getting ‘awkward’.
‘Do you want to go the café and get a bite?’ Jimmy inquires.
‘Not particularly. I think I’ll just zone for a while.’
‘Great. So we get back together and the first thing you want to do is avoid me.’
‘Don’t be such a woman.’
‘Don’t be such a man.’
‘Shut up.’
‘Wow, our arguments are always so intricate. So complex. I think that’s why I love you.’
‘You’re full of shit. You don’t love me. You like the idea of me. You love your animals. You know, I think I finally get that.’
Jimmy is silent.
‘I knew it. I knew you were distracted somehow, towards the end, last time. It was this goddamned NuWars shit wasn’t it?’ Jimmy stays silent. ‘Fuck! You didn’t give a shit about me at all to begin with! Why the fuck did I even come back to you? You’re just a self-absorbed cunt of a person.’ She grabs the sense-switch from the night table and is about to zone when Jimmy grabs her arm.
‘This is a sham,’ He says, ‘I can’t see us together in a year. Our lives are taking completely different directions. Do you remember saying these things?’
‘Well, you did. That was long before we were over, it may have been a confes-sion or a fleeting insecurity on your part, but it hit me pretty hard. That’s why I started pulling away, because I thought you wanted me to.’
Kayleigh stares at him for a moment, her guilt slowly building into shame. Her shame slowly starts building into tears. She thrusts at Jimmy and pecks him on the cheek, turns and lumps the blanket over her as she shuffles deep into fetal position, her back to Jimmy.
An hour passes and all the while Jimmy tries to search her mind for an in-let, but nothing. She will not speak and his head is overly-occupied with what she may be thinking. Where are you? He asks her with his mind. How could you possibly get so far away from me? How could you leave me here alone?
‘I don’t think I’m going to compete anymore.’ She finally says.
She rolls over and looks toward him, avoiding his eyes. ‘I’m finished, with MagWars. I’m done, I’m just...fed up.’
‘But what about your team? You’re in the final round of the...’
‘I’ve been to the championship games before. Plenty of times. More than any other player. I don’t have anymore stake in it. I’m giving it up.’
‘Don’t say anything else. You can’t convince me otherwise.’
‘Are you going to tell Hanley?’
‘...Could you tell him for me?’
‘I want to feel you inside of me, Jimmy. Hold me.’
He cuddles up next to her and she puts her arm around his back, caressing the back of his thigh. He puts both of his arms around her waist, his legs in parallel arches to hers, and they lay naked sending billions of each other’s nerves firing, pouring into them a complete feeling of calm.
Jimmy knows this is her way of saying ‘I’m sorry’, but the fact that she can’t articulate it is a sign to him that on some level she’s indifferent about every-thing that they’ve become, and that her thoughts are elsewhere, with him being her only escape from the painful flutter of her own constant trauma.
She turns to him and tries to looks him in the eyes. He leans up and over her, doing the same. At first she can see that he’s searching her more than he is seeing her, which makes her uneasy. But she slowly perceives a sort of gentle resignation in his stare that starts arousing in her a gloomy lust for this beautiful thing, whatever he is. She can’t find it in herself to tell him where her in-securities really lie. She can’t bring it up from the seething, murky swamp of her conflicted heart. She wants to tell him, but she’s afraid. She’s too afraid to do anything but fuck him again, because if she doesn’t she’s going to cry.
He begins pressing his lips against her neck and rubbing her thigh, gently but forming a firm cusp over the curve of her muscular legs as he slides his hand up and down in a fan-like motion. He con-tinues finding new places to kiss as his fingers move to her hip and waist up until he’s caressing her breast. He’s already impeccably enthralled by the essence of the woman and in his mind she is an indefinable mass of everything he has ever wanted, and despised living without. This was the same woman he had seen from Fourth York and who had captured his imagination. The girl who exemplified the concept of perfection to him and whom he had worked his way around his phobia of rejection, of space, of leaving his home, and of losing himself in something despicable and becoming synonymous with it, to travel to Earth for the chance to see her perform her acts of grace and domination in real life, on the MagWars arena floor. And now he is inside of her, exciting her, AND doing his damnedest to comfort her in this hard-knock life they’re now joined in.
Steadily an ecstasy gripped and unified them both. And they were happy. Happy.

Usually porn of the written persua-sion has some euphemism for genitalia and some more words you can tug to. But this version of the manuscript just has this sappy ‘I wish we were in love’ segment. That’s as much as I could put out (no pun intended).

After about five hours or so of Jimmy and Kayleigh being intimate with each other they get to bypass anymore awkward because Jove chimes in over the apartment’s P.A. system.
‘Jimmy. Jimmy. The first cache loca-tion has been received and is now being decoded.’
‘Be there in a minute, Jove!’ He strains to say, finishing Kayleigh off for the umpteenth time.
‘Are you gonna cum?’ She asks him.
‘I, uh...already have...four...times. Ahhh.’ He grunts. ‘I think that’s enough for one sesh.’ He pulls out, hurriedly kisses her forehead and begins rushing to get his clothes on. Kayleigh, her mind now without the preoccupation of con-cern, lies back, noticing the sense-switch on the nightstand and grabs it.
‘You’re taking me with you...wherever it is you’re going, right?’
Jimmy slows his movement for a moment, looking up at her. ‘Do you want to go?’
‘I want to go.’
‘Alright then.’
She slips on the sense-switch and zones. Jimmy finishes dressing and looks at the girl, her naked body stretched out in complete comfort over his bed. His cheeks arch into a reserved smile with a tinge of uncertainty and he leaves.
Terminal enters the menagerie and asks, ‘Jove, how much longer till you’ve got the coordinates decoded?’
‘Approximately eight minutes.’
Terminal runs the usual rounds. Eve-rything seems to be in shape. He finds Giuseppe.
‘Where’s Francois? I need an update on Fury. We’re going to need to do a fly-over for this trip no doubt.
‘I haven’t seen him all evening.’
‘And where’s the girl? Celeste?’
Giuseppe shrugs. Terminal walks to the sparring arena and the doors open to a little surprise. In the corner Celeste, lying on her back, has her legs wrapped around Francois’s waist and her arms in-tertwined with his, pulling him into her.
‘Terminal! Help!’ Francois yells.
Celeste immediately pulls herself away and takes a defensive stance.
‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing!? Were...you...raping him?’
‘No, no, no, no, Termie,’ Francois says, ‘I may have been giving in some-what begrudgingly, but I assure you, it was consensual.’
‘I don’t know what to say about this, Frank.’
‘Celeste said she wanted to have sex with me. I obliged. She’s into some pretty violent things, you know.’
‘She’s very young Frank.’
‘But not inexperienced, mon ami.’
‘Okay well...Celeste? I’m not freaking out. But could you please rape Frank somewhere a little more discrete next time. And Frank, we’ve got work to do. Let’s go!’
Francois pulls up his pants and hobbles out of the arena.
‘Some other time, I suppose, mon amour!’
‘Don’t call me that!’ She yells back at him.
‘As you wish.’

B. McGillicuddy

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