He wakes up early and makes up the couch he sleeps on. He makes himself coffee. He stands outside and listens to the music of the morning. There are birds and dogs and trains and things. He gives Venus a big fuck you, saying, ‘Fuck you Venus.’ He downs his coffee. He goes to his computer and gets a video call on Skype. It’s her. ‘Hey there.’ He says. ‘Hey Square(d).’ She says. They talk about body parts and fruit and making food, the discussion remains completely platonic, until she starts flirting voraciously. He is very reserved, nervous. He can’t stand to look at her. She is naked. He did not know this.

She gets a text message from her mom. She ignores it. She lives a very normal life in contrast with his. He is addicted to prescription drugs, but is supported by his parents. She goes to church every week with her boyfriend, but cannot talk to her atheist parents. She craves his attention. She needs him. He loves her. She doesn’t smoke.

She lives with a bunch of gypsy drug dealers. She does not pay rent, she just buys the most drugs and smokes everyone out with them. She doesn’t smoke weed either. She wants to be a writer, but only reads hack novels and science fiction. She is writing about a child who likes to watch Barney & Friends.

He is a chef at a local restaurant. He works with his ex-girlfriend. They do not speak. It is unspoken that they ever knew each other at all. He sees things that aren’t there because he’s on medication. Beautiful things. He lives with his parents who are afraid he is gay but are not homophobic but want biological grandchildren. They keep asking him about his ex and assuming they will get back together. They ask if he saw her at work. He says yes. They ask if he spoke with her. He says no. They remind him of something that reminds him of how close they were, something about astronomy. He cries excessively. He takes more pills.

Gypsies roam the forest in search of their marijuana plant, talking about a new videogame. They get lost because they are on shrooms. They say, ‘Damn, we’re on shrooms.’

He wants to travel the world and see her on the East Coast. But he is trapped because he is indebted and addicted to the prescription meds, which are illegal where she is.

The gypsies listen to great music. They dance the night away. She is trying to write her novel. She can’t remember being a child. She thinks back to her childhood, trying to remember the good times. All she can recall is being sexually abused. She just wants to be loved. She Skypes him. He doesn’t answer. He calls her back. She strip teases him because no one is there. His parents walk in. It isn’t awkward. They are mostly happy that he hasn’t turned gay. They say hi to the girl. They tell him that someone’s looking for him. He has to go.

Someone is chasing him. I don’t know who. He goes somewhere where there are televisions. He finds out that the drug he is addicted to is now legal where she lives. He decides to go there. Someone is still chasing him. I still don’t know who. The audience sees what kinds of drugs he takes when he loses the people who are chasing him and in a back alley takes the drugs.

It is later. I don’t know how much later. She is wearing different clothes. She takes out the garbage. She takes a long time. She runs into the neighbor. They have sex. She makes sure he wears a condom. She tells him to say ‘I love you’. He isn’t into it. She says she can’t cum unless he says it. He says it. She cums and fidgets and squeezes his cock and he cums too. He gives her all of the money in his wallet because he is ugly, and really appreciates that she had sex with him. She goes back inside. Her boyfriend is there, dancing. They say something funny to each other. It is very funny.

All of the sexual abuse scenes are animated and vividly colored. There is only one sexual abuse scene. She enjoyed it. Being sexually abused. Her roommate is a drug dealer. Her roommate is a woman. Her roommate does not have a clear sexual preference. She always playfully wants to hook up when she is stoned. The sexually abused girl doesn’t want to. She is in love with Augustus Caesar because he brought peace. She wants peace.

He video calls her from Starbucks. He is there, where she is, in the same city. They meet in the early evening. He says, ‘Let’s be together forever.’ She says, ‘Forever isn’t long enough.’ She points up at Venus and asks him, ‘That star or planet or whatever won’t last long enough. I want to be with you longer than time. I want to have been with you before anything. Do you know what star that is?’ He says he thinks it’s Mars or something. ‘Really?’ She asks, (Fade to black while she says--) ‘I always thought it was Venus.’

There are credits.

After the credits there is a flashback. She ate at his restaurant once. When he was just a waiter. He saw shiny things around her (from the drugs) and was mesmerized. This happened before to another person in the film. Maybe a lot of people. He had sex with his girlfriend in the kitchen and didn’t wash his hands. She barely even paid attention to him. She left him a standard 15% tip. But she left her purse.

This is the actual ending of the movie.


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