I'M SAD GUYZ. It's been a while since I've been IN LOVE with anyone, including myself. I realized today that without COFFEE/CIGARETTES I'm pretty much USELESS, and that the women in my life (excluding LA FRERE, who is my bro/lover/fashion accessory) are pretty much either IDEAS in a the sense that they're just ONLINE PERSONALITIES, or are INACCESSIBLE in the sense that they just want me for MY BOD and wouldn't really function properly within the contexts of a RELATIONSHIP.

I'm not even sure if I want a RELATIONSHIP really GUYZ. Shit.

Here's some GOOD MUSIC TAO LIN DISCOVERED by way of TWITTER. I think it's contributing to me feeling LIKE Shit.

'"Nobody knows me neither" LA STRATA' - Hop Along, Queen Ansleis

Have you ever felt like your mother only knows you in the context of THAT THING that formed in her UTERUS? Or what was RUNNING AROUND and PISSING HER OFF between the ages 0-25? I kind of feel like she DOESN'T GET ME Nao. I'm a DIFFERENT person than I was in HER TUMMY. Now I'm INDEPENDENT and not A PART OF ANYTHING Really. Really SUCKS. Miss the womb GUYZ.

I'm afraid that If I get into a RELATIONSHIP now that I'll just be trying to JUMP BACK UP THE WOMB by BEING CONNECTED to some dame as best as I can, i.e. SEX/CONVERSATION/NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION. Feel like I can't just like a dame for WHO SHE IS, because there are so many EXPECTATIONS on her part, and she wants to LOOK SEXY for me, even though I'll have sex with her whether she LOOKS SEXY or NOT. Shit. I maybe a BAD PERSON. I don't know how though.

I just want to have something to LIVE FOR GUYZ. Because LIVING FOR MYSELF is kind of like LIVING FOR THIS BLOG, which just sounds STUPID when you say it out loud. But like, when you have a dame that's REALLY PRETTY, and doesn't mind you BEING IN HER VAGINA/HEAD/BANK ACCOUNT from time-to-time, it kind of makes it all WORTH WHILE, and frees up the my head for OTHER THINGS, like GIVING A FUCK ABOUT SHIT.

What about YOU, ANONYMOUS? Do you miss your MOM'S VAGINA? Do you wish you could be in a MEANINGFUL/FULFILLING RELATIONSHIP? Are you in one? Could you give me POINTERS?

Should I add PROVOCATIVE PICTURES to my posts, like LA FRERE?


Glad my DAD WASN'T A BRO/TOOL/DOUCHEBAG like this dame's BF. My DAD's a COOL DAD.

I <3 VAGINA. Don't know why though, GUYZ. Don't know why I LIKE TO COME.


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  1. I don't know who you are but I got here by searching for the phrase "nobody knows me neither" and what you've written feels as if it were taken straight from my own mind. I suppose this means music is a pretty amazing thing.