Hey everybody, in case you forgot(might be projecting here), WE'RE MORE THAN HALFWAY INTO BLACK APPRECIATION pseudoMONTH!

You know, I love Black people. They are the source of almost everything that's ever been cool, ever! SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY NGGRZ/NGGTTS~!

-My first kiss was a Black girl.
-My first friend(age 2) was kinda Black(half) and he's a drug dealer, so he gets +2BlckPts.
-The first/last/only bitch I ever bitch-slapped was Black.
-My best friend in High School was Black(IN RACE ONLY).
-My 4'11" ginger aunt from Finland THINKS she's Black(♥).
-My pastor growing up/godfather was Black.
-The teacher who got me into film critique was Black.

WOW! I have a lot of Black people in my historymonth! How about you? I'm sure there are more than you may initially think! Favorite substitute teacher?? Lead singer of your favorite band?? Last pornstar/15"schlong you ogled?? Just think about it! And should you see any Black people this February, be sure to take the time out to let them know you're aware that they're Black and/or Gangsta, because Negroes appreciate that kinda stuff! B-McGeezy, OWT!


In case you guys are wondering why this post is at all relevant to the nature of this blaaag, it's because it was inspired by my reminiscing on the aforementioned awkward/awesome/AMZNG first kiss and how cool/cute/classy that girl is. ♥ you babe, and thanks for not turning out to be a lesbian (potential FML avoided).

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