OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GIRL SOOOOO MUCH We do coke together She always ends up doing a million lines in a row and talking about her problems Coke gets me horndoggy like a ffffucking maniac but cokedick's the woorrrrrst So I end up sitting there just listening Pretending to listen I end up biting my nails and listening to things shuffling outside She likes to knit on coke Luckily she's amazing at it otherwise the speeds she reaches when she's hyped would probably bring about the construction of incoherent masses of cloth and waste shitloads of yarn But she makes the most fantastic sweaters and scarves at superspeed I tend to get completely fixated on her fingers when she's talking about her problems knitting on coke I wish I were as talented as she is Wish wish wish i could do something as mind-blowing as keeping people warm Just warming their hearts and their bodies on coke Just making their days a little better on coke Just handing out pamphlets to the needy on coke I haven't written a song in ages Here's one

The first time I did lines
I was at an awesome party
I’d had too many mojitos
And smoked jay with everybody
I'd just picked up cigarettes
So my stomach wasn’t stable
Then someone pulled out a bag
And put the powder on the table

Hey! Hey, hey!
Looks like carelessness prevails again
(repeated x7)
It was an accidental for the win

Gonna have to write more verses so the chorus makes sense I really really really like music but I'm kinda shitty at it I wish coke made me play music better I wish I could concentrate enough to practice guitar on coke I need a lot of practice I NEED TO PRACTICE A LOT because I'm not very good at playing guitar. Just did a few more lines I think I'm gonna listen to her knit for a while then we'll see if I can get it up.