One of my favorite love stories of all time is actually a work in progress.

There is an art movement that you haven't heard of and wouldn't be able to understand called n33n. You haven't heard of it because you're not an internet nerd and/or artist based in any of the remote cities that sponsor the exhibits that showcase these artists' work. You wouldn't be able to understand it because it's not about understanding, it's about doing, on the internet, which you hopefully have have no concept of or stomach for.

One of n33n's founding artist's name is Rafael Rozendaal. Rafael Rozendaal is Dutch and Brazilian. He may be a genius, and he may be insane.

Rafael discovered Petra Cortright. Petra Cortright is from Santa Barbara, California. She makes sub-viral videos on youtube. She may be a genius, and she may be insane.

Rafael and Petra recently got engaged and moved to Tokyo. They haven't made any n33n art since October of last year. And that's fine with me :)


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