What would you do if you found 'the perfect ass'? Would you try your damnedest to 'acquire' it? Would you acknowledge its superiority and admire it from a distance/tug to images of it pretty frequently? Would you feel insanely jealous? What kind of god would authorize the existence of 'perfection', but to 'test us'?

What will you do now that you have seen it?

There is no cellulite on this ass.

There are no blemishes or 'beauty marks'.

This ass is 'well-fed'.

This ass belongs to a hot woman.

This ass only comes around once every millennium.

Imagine what sound this ass makes when slapped. It probably 'reverberates' and 'resounds', like thunder. The tragedy is that this ass will only stay this way for a decade at most. The phenomenon you are witnessing has, like everything, an 'expiration date'. Is it enough that you just witnessed it? Is this ass something to be pursued? Attained? Redistributed to the ass-deficient? Are you willing to go to 'great lengths' to find this ass and 'place your mark' on it? Will this ass be a meteor shower or a moon landing? It is your decision.

This ass, it beckons.

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  1. that is the same ass that helena of troy had, and you know the story about her.