Romantic Rhetoric is an extension of 'the collective perception of love and romance' with a 'dark humor' aesthetic and tonal approach.

Romantic Rhetoric is 'targeted toward America's douchebitch population', as a reflection of most romantic relationships, throughout history, ending in 'tragedy' and/or breakup, despite Western Civilization being perceived as 'monogamous', because of couples' 'irreconcilable differences' and tendencies for 'unacceptably selfish behavior' within the context of the relationship.

Romantic Rhetoric is an international brand despite its foundation in North America and its Western conceptions of love and romance, due to the internet being a means of instantly communicating internationally. This creates the potential for Romantic Rhetoric to become 'international relevant' as the world and blog evolve.

Romantic Rhetoric helps you understand the basis for miscommunication and emotional confusion when 'in the throes' of infatuation, a romantic relationship, and also in the contexts of on-going and one-time sexual encounters.

Romantic Rhetoric is a blog that sees 'sex', 'love' and 'romance' as pretty sweet ideas, but in only a few contexts relative to how frequently they are used in pop culture and entertainment media as vague, mystic abstractions or forms of metaphysical human connection.

Romantic Rhetoric is here for you and won't ever let you down or lie to you (again).

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    i have internet again.