Today is me and my girlfriend's third anniversary. I thought it would be pretty sweet to @ her via twitter so that everyone could see what i had planned for her all day, especially since all of her girlfriends follow both of us and get a huge kick out of how romantic/flirty we always are in public. But Twitter went down this morning. Fuck. It just wouldn't have 'been the same' if I texted her. But now I'm afraid 'we're finished' because my plans fell through completely. Here is a list of the tweets I planned on sending her via Tweetie on her iPhone:

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill <33 I've got a surprise for you today, but ur going to have to work for it ;P

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill the old courthouse @ 12:30. hehe.

[ i bailed her out after she got a DUI a year ago. she was pretty embarrassed but she quit drinking after it and said I helped 'change her life', so it's a good memory. was going to meet her there and tempt her a little with some necking, but not kiss her, and let her drive my car around for the day (i NEVER let her drive my 'stang even though she begs ALL OF THE TIME) thought it would be sweet ]

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill it was nice seeing you! hehe. can't wait to finally smooch ur face at the end of this lil treasurehunt ;P

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill be @ the nat'l mall at 2pm sharp. rmbmr where we first kissed?

[ was going to tie a necklace around the branch of the tree that we kissed under on the bank of the Potomac River :( ]

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill i xpect to see you wearing ur lil piece of 'booty' when i see u 2nite ;P

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill there is a present waiting for you @ the bakery on U St. Hurry before it gets cold/melts :D

[ my girlfriend loves icecream cake. was going to have them bake one w/ hot fudge (also her fave). had to cancel the order ]

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill guess what's playing at the AFI in Silver Spring @ 6:00?

[ '16 Candles', her favorite movie. Was going to meet her there and watch it while my buddies set up the last little surprise ]

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill hope you like pizza. Armand's, 9pm <33

[ I bought out the local Chicago Style pizzeria, where my friends Aaron and Jeremy work, and was going to have them rearrange the entire place to look like an Italian candle-light dinner mood thing. Then, when they brought out her sundae for dessert, I was going to tweet this: ]

bttrcpmcgllcddy: @mrs_mcgill what do you think about making your twitter name your legal name? hmmm? <33

[ on the top of her dessert would be a 3k diamond ring that I basically went broke to buy her ]

FML. Jeremy texted me that Twitter was down just before I sent my first tweet. Didn't know what to do. Kind of had a nervous breakdown/anxiety attack. Called my girlfriend. Tried to improvise. Wasn't the same. Ended up spilling the beans to her over lunch. She basically broke down and cried and didn't want me to touch her. I'm really worried folks. Feel like 'the rest of my life' is potentially fucked over this.

Feeling pretty depressed. She seemed really upset. I think she will come around eventually though. I hope.

How did Twitter's little 'meltdown' affect your life/routine/plans for today?


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