Photo Via Last Nights Party

I was at the bar last night and was having a 'dope ass time' with my girls. We got fucked up and were 'getting our freak on' with a couple of hot guys and just 'livin the good life'. But when we were done dancing and the bar was about to close all of these 'random ass bros' kept coming up to us (especially my bff Brit, she's tall and her ass looks bangin in heels). They kept trying to say 'mad lame' one-liners to us and after we rejected them, started saying some pretty vulger/fucking down-right nasty shit. I 'fucking hate' guys who are 'completely fucking desperate'.

I used to have this one guy in high school who kind of stalked me and said things out of the blue like he wanted to marry me and that he thought I was 'beautiful'. At the time I didn't like it because he was a 'nerd' and had braces and wouldn't 'get off my back' no matter what I did since we had classes together and stuff. I think I kind of liked it too though, because he would give me attention even when the other boys were off chasing the cheerleaders and 'really fucking hot' skanky bitches. It got extra annoying though when I got my first boyfriend and they hated each other even though they never really met. I kind of feel like we broke up because of him a little, because he was around us at school/during lunch when we should have been making out and when our core group of friends knew to 'stay away', he would come over and say things to be an asshole to my boyfriend. Eventually I yelled at him and told him he was 'weird' and 'ugly' and to 'get out of my life'. He left me alone after that.

That also reminds me of my 'best friend' in middle school. She wasn't as pretty as me and had kind of a lisp. When boys would start giving me attention she would get all naggy and jealous. It pissed me off but I also felt kind of bad because she was my best friend and everything. But why didn't she understand that we could be best friends at sleep overs/birthday parties/during art class, just not during gym or lunch? I kind of stopped hanging out with her when I started hanging out with the 'cool kids' and I don't think she ever forgave me for it.

Damn folks. It seems like nagging/desperate people are everywhere. How do you get them to 'leave you the fuck alone' and just let you enjoy being single/independent/hot as hell? I just want to work on finishing my degree and pursue a 'career' in accounting/business and maybe have a bf I can fuck/vent to until I meet 'Mr. Right'. I don't have time for all of these 'other bros', but it feels like I will be 'surrounded' by people 'desperate for my attention' forever. Hate it. Seriously don't know what to do. Seems like yelling at them would cause even more 'unwanted attention' and like maybe I would seem like 'a huge bitch' all of the time. Just 'want to have fun' folks. Cause I'm a girl, and that's what we do.


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