My gf and I have been through some pretty hard times. She has cheated on my twice when 'blackout', my uncle who I was very close to died a couple months ago, we had a little pregnancy scare, maybe two, but through it all, we have been there for each other when we 'really needed it'. Seems like there is little more we could ask for in life. We are happy. This year is going great.

Her birthday is coming up soon. Don't know what to get her. Seems like she 'has everything'. All the 'sweet' albums she's been anticipating all year have come out and are available via 'peer-to-peer pirating', we have watched 'Bruno', 'Funny People' and 'A Woman is a Woman' (at the local drive-in) and I have bought/made her 'tones of random cute shit' over the years to the point where I'm 'out of ideas'.

Damn. Feeling kind of 'inadequate' as a bf. Don't think birthday sex will 'be enough' for her this year. I don't think she's into any 'kinky shit', so sex toys are probably a bad idea. Fuuuuuccck. Just want to 'make her happy'/'keep her happy'. Don't really know what 'does it for her' anymore.

What do you folks think? Seems like a serious issue. What if she leaves me because I don't 'pleasure' her like she wants/give her orgasms anymore? I feel like I'm 'freaking out' and like I might have an anxiety attack that I may not recover from. Wonder if she'd think it was cute if I named a star after her or something. Damn. Feeling 'pretty fucked' folks.


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