I met a boy about a week-and-a-half ago while I was off work from my job at Pizza Hut inside of the local strip mall. He walked past me and even though there were at least fifteen other girls on my side of the sidewalk and maybe five of them were as cute, if not cuter than me, he stopped and said 'You have really pretty eyes'. I blushed, I have to admit. I thanked him and tried to keep walking toward the CVS to buy some tampons (my period started that day in the middle of a big order. It sucked), but he stopped me and asked me my name. He said some funny things and smiled a lot and was pretty cute, with hazel eyes. I am a sucker for hazel eyes. He was about 5-to-6 inches taller than me and kept putting his hand on my arm and shoulder while he talked. It seemed weird at first, but he was really nice and kept complimenting me. I was in a hurry (fuuuuuuuucckkkk) but I didn't want to just LEAVE, so I stood and fidgeted to signal to him that I had to go. He understood and quickly asked me if he could have my phone number, I said yes and gave it to him, I didn't know what else to do. He was cute.

He called me three days later around 9pm just as I was getting on the bus to go home from work. I talked with him all the way to my house and into the middle of the night. We talked about a lot of stuff. Eventually he asked me if he could come see me at work. I told him 'only if you're dying for a calzone'. It made him laugh. The next day, he never showed. At first I thought I was crazy for even expecting him to, but then when I got home and tried to do some chores I started spacing out a lot and wishing he would call me. It was weird. I don't usually like guys this quickly.

After a couple of hours I decided to watch some TV to get him off of my mind, but then he called just as I was picking up the remote! He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was about to watch TV. He asked me which show and said that he would watch TV with me through the phone! Hehe. It was really cute. We spent the night watching movies on AMC and laughing non-stop the whole time, even though they were dramas. We just kept making fun of them! He asked me if he could see me the next day, which was my day off. I told him 'sure'. He said that he would get me something nice to go with my beautiful eyes, and he remembered that they were 'ice blue'. I blushed and smiled over the phone. I felt sooooo ridiculous!

The next day he came to my house and brought me flowers! Blue azaleas! They were amazing. He also brought my favorite movie, 'Shang Hai Noon', because I told him I loved Owen Wilson! (OMG <3333!!!) We cuddled on the couch while we watched it. Eventually we started kissing. It was so spontaneous and he is a really good kisser! During some parts of making out it seemed like he was moving too fast though, because he started touching my pussy. I didn't like it. I mean, it felt good, but I'm not a slut. But I mean, I do like him, so I guess it seemed okay, but I was still...you know...(fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck) so I shoved him off. He stopped trying to touch my pussy after that, but as soon as the movie was over he stopped kissing me too and said he had to go. I tried to convince him to stay, but he seemed really determined. It seemed like a dick move to me, but I mean, he is A GUY. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him.

I am supposed to go with him on a date downtown later this week. He has a car and I honestly don't know what to expect. What should I do if he tries to play with me again? While we're parked somewhere or when he brings me home? Should I have sex with him? I don't know. I broke up with my last boyfriend around six months ago and have mostly been working since then. I guess I could use a good lay. But I think I have feelings for him too sort of. It all just seems to be happening kind of fast. I felt his dick when we were cuddling. I'd guess it at 6-8 inches. IDK.


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