It. 'It' was a party in your ex-boyfriend's basement. There were bands playing. There were musicians in the bands. The bands were made up of a bunch of my friends who don't really practice playing instruments at all but saw instruments in your ex-boyfriend's basement and said 'Let's have a jam session' and started playing the instruments.

It was loud. It was loud and unmusical. The drummer kept a beat and I danced to it. I was drunk. It was emotional form me, dancing to the beat the drummer kept. I am Black. Damn. Maybe this had something to do with it. I was very drunk.

I saw you dancing and decided that we should dance together. Your ex-boyfriend was dancing with you. I put my hand around your arm and solicited a dance with you and smiled and you smiled and we danced together. I was drunk and looked at your face while we danced and imagined that there was an incredible light shining from the sky down on your face and it was beautiful. There was a light on the ceiling with an incandescent light bulb in it and it was shining directly on your face and it made you sparkle. You were sparkling. I felt emotional about you sparkling beautifully.

Fuck 'Twilight' and the idea of vampirism. You aren't a vampire. You are a girl. With emotions. I wondered what emotions you felt. Maybe you are a vampire. Maybe you feel no emotions. I will never be able to find this out.

I was overwhelmed with emotions that were coming from everywhere including Bulgaria and Mainland China and I took your face in my hands and said 'This is too much. This is too good. You are beautiful. I have a crush on you. I have to go.' Your ex-boyfriend looked at me and stopped dancing. This is when I realized he was your ex-boyfriend I think. 'I can't be here anymore' I said. I don't know why I said this. It was the emotions. 'I have a crush on you and I can't be here. I have to go now.' You smiled amazingly and I ran away.

I ran up the stairs. I ran through the kitchen and the lounge. I ran there. 'There' is the smoking room. The smoking room is the porch at your ex-boyfriends house. There are chairs and a table and there are usually people.

There were some people.

I was out of cigarettes. I asked everyone for cigarettes. A bro gave me a cigarette and I could see that the aura of the bro sitting next to him was purple. I told him this. 'What a purple aura you have, bro' I said. He was amused by this. I don't believe in auras. I just write stories and draw things sometimes.

I lit the cigarette. I turned around and you came into the smoking room with your ex-boyfriend. 'Hi' I said. You waved and smiled amazingly and looked beautiful in the dark too. Beautiful and smooth and I was overwhelmed and had to sit down. There was a beer in my hand. I drank all of it. I don't remember what happened after that at all. For the rest of the night my memory centers retained zero information.

What is 'a coincidence'? I am not sure. This paragraph is a preface to another story and is set in an illogical manner directly before the last paragraph of this story. Do not be confused.

I woke up the next morning on a couch in an apartment that was not rented by me. I was severely confused and almost went completely bonkers here. At this moment. In this story. There was a used condom on the couch. I felt an insane amount of emotion. I felt the entire universe converge and warp silently onto itself in the desolation of that moment and knew that I was alive and afraid and felt outrageous insane emotions. I didn't like it. I tried to remember things. I remembered you and felt 'amazing'. I thought 'why is there a condom on this couch' and went home.