I am considering a profession in 'couple's counseling' guys. Seems like people in relationships don't 'get each other' well enough to 'just be happy' without some sort of mediator who makes sure that they aren't pissing one-another off/getting abusive/not 'putting out' enough or something.

I was just thinking earlier today about how often bros and broads just kind of 'mosey through' relationships and 'wait for it to die' as opposed to trying to perpetuate what it was that brought them together in the first place.

Everyone gets lonely/horny/stressed the fuck out and needs someone to 'be there for them'. So it seems like 'lasting relationships' that are meaningful and 'well-maintained' are a social commodity or something in the 21st century. I feel that my own experiences in relationships generally lean toward being 'good' in the context of the relationship as a whole and think maybe I would be mediocre-to-good and maybe 'great' at telling other people things like 'y'all need to learn to compromise' and 'pay attention to each other's needs' and maybe 'have more sex, it will strengthen your "bond"' or something.

I heard that I could get a degree in psychology in less than three years at my local community college and be well on my way to helping people 'just get along' instead of hating each other and generally 'being bitches/passive-aggressive' before the mid 10's. Seems highly appealing and like couples will 'need help to get along better post-end-of-the-world-scenario' and like I could be what helps 'reinvigorate humanity/the human spirit' via convincing depressed 2012 survivors to procreate/repopulate the world.

Damn. Relationships can be so complex. Seems like 'talking it out' wouldn't do much, but sometimes people just need to 'hear what one-another are thinking' to work out their 'problems' and shit.


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