Seems like blind, relentless advocation for fidelity is OK. Can't think of an instance when cheating or 'splitting up' for the purpose of 'sexing some other person' ever turned out well for anyone in the movies/in print/irl. Also though, seems like 'telling people how to live their lives' is a 'counter-productive' objective to pursue. Damn. Wasn't actually aware that I felt this way. Damn. Brad and Angelina seem OK. Is this true? Do they exist? Jesus. This blog post seems completely useless now. Feels like I should go 'save' some broad who is dating a douchebag by 'seducing her away from the bro' for the purpose of 'fixing' her. Seems like it might 'blow up in my face' or something though. Like, what if he is a psychotic homocidalbro? What will I have gotten myself into? Might explain why they're still dating via threats/beatings/Stockholm Syndrome.

Not sure if I enjoyed listening to this song. Seems 'overly-melodramatic' or something. Feel like emotions like the one this song makes me feel are 'over the top' and don't really exist in the context of the human experience or outside of this 'genre' of 'rock', and maybe like bros who listen to this music are 'pretty emo' and likely to be 'easily seduced' by someone morbid, like a goth or 'true blood' fan or something and maybe 'lash out' for no apparent reason against 'broads' because of some 'deep-seated issue' or something. Even though Muse doesn't seem to 'take themselves too seriously', seems like their music and people who listen to their music seem to 'take themselves very seriously' but 'staunch' their facial expressions so as not to seem 'too emo'. Seems like it's OK to cheat on a person who enjoys listening to Muse, but like maybe it 'could get violent' if they ever found out. Jennifer Aniston listens to Muse.

Feels like I just pulled that paragraph 'out of my ass'. I am going to write another one.

I feel like Incubus might appeal to the lower end of the American emobros who listen to Muse, because they talk about how things 'feel' in a context that seems to 'stand apart' from 'real life experiences' as an 'escape' or something, for people who have to 'put their real feelings away' during the day, but then can go home and just 'chillax' to emorock and 'not give a fuck' about anything and maybe cry a little. Love hurts y'all. Kind of can't believe that rock music like this is 'still being produced' after the advent of indie music 'going totes mainstream' via MGMT, Kings of Leon, The Dodos, etc. since indie bands seem 'sarcastically emo' or something, in a way that is 'more about the music'. While Incubros seem to care about 'their music', seems they are just 'doing gigs'/'trying to feel something y'all' and not 'loving life' really. Where are their gfs? They seem like they would 'commit suicide' if they found out they were being cheated on or something. All of them. Damn. Touring doesn't seem very conducive to fidelity.

I really liked the Dodos and had a 'meaningful show experience' with them during college. Then they released their second album and I 'went fucking apeshit' and decided they were my 'favorite band'. Then they sold out to Miller for some 'royalties' or something. I was thinking of 'cheating on' them with 'The Dirty Projectors', but I think that I'll stay 'faithful' and still tell people that 'Visiter' is my favorite album ever, and not 'Bitte Orca', on principle I guess.

Have you ever cheated before?
What was it like?
Was it 'worth it'?
Did it turn into a 'more meaningful relationship' than the ex-bf/gf you 'cheated on'?
This is a metaphor about 'keeping ur dick in your panties'.


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