Since having unprotected sex comes with 'hella consequences', but I know that me and my 'fuck bunny' are both STD-less, I've been doing a lot of thinking about 'babies' and 'giving birth'/reproduction/'giving life' to 'lil humans'.

Seems fucked. feels like 'voluntary procreation' might be 'the most selfish and irresponsible thing that a human being could conceivably do to another human being'. Kind of feel like it 'trumps' suicide, since death is scary for the 'victim' and doesn't make other things that will eventually become 'self-aware' and die 'magically appear'.

Damn y'all. Everybody dies. I don't know 'the numbers' on how many people have to 'live through their own deaths', but I think I 'get' why dying in your sleep seems like the most desirable way to experience 'the ultimate breakdown'. Seems like dying in the middle of a nightmare would feel 'scary and fleeting' but ultimately distract you from an 'unimaginable and highly conclusive' 'horror'. Regardless, if you 'bring a person into the world', you are essentially 'dooming' them to a life of fear and anxiety regarding a terrible and ultimately fucked end to his/her life.

I think that all 'transcendental worldviews' hold the belief that death is not the 'end' of the human experience, but there is the variable of 'where does everybody go?' to worry about. If your 'karma' is 'good', you are 'reincarnated' as a 'higher being'. If you accept 'Jesus Christ' as your 'Lord and Savior' you are 'destined' for 'Heaven'. Damn. Seems like I could give 'a shitload of examples' like this, but these scare quotes are 'pissing me off'.

Seems like even if you 'raise' a kid to be a 'lil version of yourself' they will eventually become 'self-aware' and start doing whatever the fuck they want. This potentially includes voluntarily ignoring your take on the world and dying 'how he/she feels like dying' and doing it 'poorly' according to your opinions of 'how u should live/die/treat other people' among other life issues.

Seems like broads are chemically 'programmed' to want to have babies, and the social 'expectation' regarding 'having a family' makes the idea of making babies enticing to both sexes. But babies are 'creepy'. They are 'evolutionarily designed' to make us forget that they are creepy, but it seems like they're frighteningly unpredictable, relatively unresponsive little humans, for the most part, who are 'dependent' on your sanity for survival. Eventually they will resent your influence and will make the same 'mistakes' you made by creating their own 'worldviews', and will procreate too. What is the purpose of putting yourself and some 'potential fuck-up' through the trauma of having to 'deal with' each other?

Personally, I'm really looking forward to 'having kids' y'all. Primarily because 'the prospect' of cumming in a broad I 'love' to make her temporarily happy/'satisfied with her life' seems enticing, but I also have a fascination with what a cute 'chica'/slut/clingy psychopath and I would do to/with/for/against funny lil replicas of ourselves. Maybe we'd start a family band and call it 'Buttercup and the McGillicuddies'. Might have kids with a bunch of different women who don't like each other and make them form a Broken Family Band cover band.

What do y'all think about babies? If you're 'a pussy' and don't want to leave your opinion as a comment, you can vote your thoughts into public opinion quickly and anonymously via the 'so sweet/meh/seems fucked' box.


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  1. im no pussy so here's what i think about babies:

    i think you should have one with carles and teach it to blog from a young age. baby carlesmcgillicuddy = altromance blog messiah