'Comprehensive analysis' of the top five located 'after da jump.'

25// Weezer — Raditude

24// Say Anything — Say Anything

23// The xx — xx

22// Monsters of Folk — Monsters of Folk

21// Lil Wayne — Rebirth

20// Wavves — Wavvves

19// Dan Deacon — Bromst

18// Fuck Buttons — Tarot Sport

17// Karen O and the Kids — Where the Wild Things Are (OST)

16// Wilco — Wilco (The Album)

15// Peter Bjorn and John — Living Thing

14// The Nudes — Indian Graveyard

13// Raekwon — Only Built for Cuban Links, Pt. 2

12// Washed Out — Life of Leisure

11// Phoenix — Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

*'levels of enjoyability' based on the equation e=u(q/r)+d, whereas 'u' is the amount of 'euphoria' felt while listening on a 0-9 scale, 'q' is the frequency of times the album was listened to, 'r' is the amount of time passed since the album was released/leaked, and 'd' is the frequency with which i danced to the music while listening to it.

\\10 Matt & Kim — Grand

\\09 Neko Case — Middle Cyclone

\\08 Grizzly Bear — Veckatimest

\\07 Neon Indian — Psychic Chasms

\\06 Little Dragon — Machine Dreams

\\05 Girls — Album

Deemed 'a one-trick-pony,' this band found themselves near the top of most, if not all, popular blogosphere 2009 album lists. The singles are undeniably catchy, but mostly because they are highly repetitive and are the only songs on the album that don't use the same chord progression/key as the other songs.

I 'distinctly enjoyed' this album on the basis that it seemed 'authentically alt' via the lead singer's life story/the retroactivity of the band's aesthetic/the band being based in 'the alt mecca/capital of the world,' San Fran'fucking'cisco.

\\04 The Dodos — Time To Die

Though this band's 'previous efforts' seemed 'more successful' in a musical/critical sense, 'Time To Die' was 'an album,' unlike most of the 'albums' on this list.

The Dodos, don't 'compile songs,' which it seems to me, most bands 'kind of' do, while trying to maintain 'thematic/topical coherence.' The Dodos construct albums as a beginning-to-end 'work of art,' which I respect/appreciate/am insanely jealous of as a musician.

This band is also from San Fran'fucking'cisco.

\\03 The Dirty Projectors — Bitte Orca

'Honestly think this album is genuinely revolutionary' or something, maybe.

\\02 Animal Collective — Merriweather Post Pavilion

I remember listening to this album in late December last year and thinking 'this is maybe the most bizarre "fucking shit" I've ever listened to,' but still enjoyed it vaguely.

This album seems 'substantially better' upon listening to it 'all the way through' 8-15 times.

May only have three 'good tracks' ('My Girls,' 'Brother Sport,' and'In The Flowers,' respectively) but feel like the 'background music' tracks are all 'listenable,' which seems rare re 'listening to an album "all the way through,"' distinctly in the vein of The Beatles (or something).

\\01 Sleigh Bells — Sleigh Bells (Demo)

I immediately liked every track on this album with the exception of 'Crown on the Ground,' but it 'grew on me' upon my second listen.

I dance to every song on this E.P. compulsively 'every fucking time' I listen to it. Also haven't heard the new AnCo E.P., which would 'probably' go here otherwise.

What were yall's 'fave musical recordings' of 2K9?

Honestly seems like I did this because 'everyone else was doing it.'

26////Buttercup McGillicuddy — Adventures in Pansyland

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