Do any of y'all remember yall's childhoods? Back when everything was 'simpler' and you felt like 'a fucking idiot' 88% of the time?

My therapist told me that it is important to remember those times. It's important to be 'aware of one's emotions' and have a li'l fun every now and then instead of being 'an uptight asshole' all of the time.

Watch this video, it will remind you of 'better dayz.'

Not sure if I agree with my therapist, or if my personal philosophy about life aligns with 'being in touch' with anything besides relevant media coverage and music that's 'fucking sick.' Not really sure what I liked as a child/how I felt about other people.

If I recall correctly, I was 'completely dependent'/obsessed with performing acts of self-validation and wanting to be the 'center' of what everyone was looking at.

I think the reason why I am so detached and passive-aggressive now is because I never 'succeeded' at maintaining peoples' interest in my personal brand.

Seems like when I was younger/more 'in-touch' with my emotions, I acted like a li'l bitch.

Now, for the most part, I try to avoid putting my 'emos' on display when in the company of other humans, and just 'connect on an intellectual level.' Seems like displaying 'insecuritie' as an adult is strictly for the gays and people who are addicted to uppers.

When I do have 'emotional outbursts' or feel like 'getting vulns' I keep it inside and then let is explode forth in a single, non-embarrassing moment of isolated frustration and weakness.

Not like the Great Dane Cooks lame-ass 'comedic scenario,' but similar.

I honestly think my inability to 'connect with other human beings' on an emotional level is preventing 'my happiness.'

I am 'interested' in and 'have feelings for' a li'l broad who is keut and non-threatening, but I can't 'open up' to her because it seems beneath me or something, like there is 0nly 0ne pers0n who could understand my feelings and I can't even open up to that 0ne pers0n.

Sup with 'hipsters' and being 'detached li'l humans?' Is there something wrong with emotionz? Is there something 'evil' about them?

Seems like this blog post is 'fucking weak' because I'm getting vulns with y'all re 'my feelins.'

What do y'all think? Is it better to go through life 'not giving a shit,' or should I become a more 'emotionally stimulated/driven' person?

Should I 'scrap' this post and stop being 'a li'l pussie?'

'Where is my childhood?' — The Late Michael Jackson Fives


  1. Revealing your emotions is 'so fucking obvious' + 'committing to being a certain way', hence the aversion to it. Brave on yon soldier. (Ain't nothing wrong with being a l'il bitch every now and then though.)