After the iconographical C-R-L-Sbro ushered in the 'post-modern semi-post ironic era' of media coverage with his infamous blog, Hipsters Running Off, sardonic art projects have been appearing on all edges of the internets, offering the self-aware and self-obsessive meme-addicted an almost endless stream of 'ironically good' works of artisticness.

The latest project, which arose from the post-bloghaus era (sometime during the summer of this year) is The Nüdities, an art/sound/comedy/pop-culture commentary project by Kyle and Erin or Keeez and Eeez of 'Steeez,' an online pop-culture zine/blog dedicated to coverage of a highly subjective nature, which they describe using this blurb on their blog:

I think Steeez can be summed up by the contextual ads that Google slips into our site:

That's us. 

Today The Nudites released their breakout extended-play mp3 project entitled 'Indian Graveyard E.P.', and much to this author's surprise (not really) it is 'pretty fucking' fun to listen to in the depths of one's existential desolation. So, as a gift to the blogging community, I have decided to compile the entirety(???) of the Nude's audio-visual oeuvre for your viewing and listening disdain.

If it's TL;DR, then eff you or something.

The vids can be found 'after jumping.'

DL the 'album' here for FREE.

The N00ds on Tumblog
The Nudes on Muxtapes
The Nudies on F.B.
Los Newds on 'Tweet Tweet'

Here is all The Nudes' content on Steeez's 'steeeztube' Youtube account. Enjoy y'all!


  1. fuck yeah nudes. show last nite was so killer

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  4. Whatever happened to this band? All their youtube videos gone, twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. Thank goodness the download link lives, I'm still in love with Fuck This Luv Shit and Indian Graveyard after all these years.