They say things like 'ARRRRGGGHH!' and 'Why, why, why, why, why?'
And they slurp lollipops and eat dark chocolate to make themselves feel better
Lots and lots of chocolate
And it only makes them feel a little worse
And they drink wine and watch their favorite movies
And ask their friends if they want to hang out, but they're all out with their other friends today
And then they find something to zone to, like Bravo
Project Runway, reruns of Next Top Model, and they say things like 'Tim Gunn is my homeboy'
And they bitch about bitches who are married to rich, fat bastards
Pretending it's because those bitches are so bitchy, but fuck all if they're not jealous

They sit around the house, looking for things to fix
Maybe taking things apart that weren't broken just to put them back together
And go outside, even though it's still kind of cold, just to bitch about how cold it is
And they talk on the phone for hours with other people in the same state of existence
But too far away to go see, and they only get themselves more down
And they drink coffee and stay up for 24 hours stints, scouring YouTube for snippets of old Sesame Street Episodes and to re-watch 'Freaks and Geeks'
And eventually stumble upon the next big viral fiasco
And they think about calling old flames to 'just hang out', but they know they couldn't 'just do that'
So they go on their facebooks instead and kinda fuck with them a little
And they try to do other stuff, like hell they try, but they can't


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  1. YESTERDAY i found my boyfriend's ex post up an album dedicated to him on facebook. no one would understand or know that unless they know him like i did. they broke up a year ago and she's still not over it. you posted this up YESTERDAY.