Yes and yes (but mostly maybe and maybe).

Though I think that push-up bras are deceptive on some level [i.e. Afro/Germanic chicks trying to lessen the saggage], I do like the 'hi there, I'm here to make you smile' quality about them. I feel like a lot of people have touched on this subject in written and otherwise comedic media, but no one has ever mentioned what happens once the push-up bra comes off. I gotta admit, it's a little disappointing, pretty much all of the time, no matter the spectacle of the breasts borne within. But boobs are boobs and girls have somehow realize that there's this thing about them that gets guys into a bit of a fluster, so, for appearances, up, up and away is juuuuust fine.

And, though honestly, I'm not much of a boob guy, I get that a good grabbing [try not to think of a crowded subway here] is a big part of foreplay, and just FYI to the femmes, bras, and push-up bras especially, make nipple location a lot tougher, which I don't like b/c it makes me feel like a dunce, when ACTUALLY it's just REALLY difficult to make-out properly AND know what your palms, fingers, tongue and thighs are doing at the same time, not to mention the fact that the only part of my anatomy that's screaming for attention when this is going on is my cock. So just know that it's a gift in public and an obstacle in private is all I'm saying.

Thongs do not make your ass look grabbable, unless it just IS. But they do eliminate the whole 'removing the panties' part of foreplay. But I kind of like that part and do it anyway, so I dunno. They're gimmicky and I imagine it makes going to the bathroom more of an adventure, but besides that I don't know if I have an opinion/understand their purpose with respect to being 'sexy'. Does having something rubbing up against your asshole all day get you hot?

BUT if your ass just IS grabbable, thongs remove the visible pantyline problem/make that badonkadonk sing to me through your evening dress. So in this case, yes yes yes to thongs 'in da club'. Don't think they're necessarily appropriate for a dinner party though, but that's totally up to you and your sexy.

I've been going too long w/o sex to be talking about/visualizing all this. Need to take a break/write my novel/get some aggression out.



  1. ass and titties, ass and titties, ass ass, titties titties, ass and titties...*bow*

  2. There are a few things that get me to go all tex avery howling wolf, a thong peekin out of the top of any pants or a skirt just screams "fuck me I'm a tramp!" if it's an unintentional display, sorry but...Girl you gotta know thats like a matador's cape I mean CMON!