See, the shitty thing about being 'out of love' with people is that the impression is made somewhere that there is supposed to be a 'new beginning' or 'something good' on the other side of it. But god fucking damn, it's just mutherfocking BOOORING.

Artists especially get a lot of flack for breaking things up/apart/off, because 'that's where the inspiration comes from', the 'heartbreak', right!?!?! Bitch, please. Please please please please please, spare me. Do you know when I make what I want to make, and I make it GOOOOOOD? And I make it BEEEAAAUTIFUL? It's when I'm sitting on the couch, next to you, typing nonsense about some indescribable awesome that I am feeling at that moment.

When do I make the shit that I hate and can't stand to look at ever again? NAO. Right FUCKING now. This goddamned thing is a train wreck and I'm OBVIOUSLY channeling a 43-year-old obese Black female hair-stylist with a 6th grade education just to tap into these emotions, so FUCK THIS.

But no. Too late. It's over. No fucking. I don't get any break-up sex. Which I guess is fine with me since it 'sucked so much'. I don't even WANT break-up sex. Totes lied when I said yours was my 'fave vagina fo' realz' and shit. Say that to every damn bitch. And as far as we're concerned, you ain't nuthin' but a li'l white bitch EHNYEWAY!

Figured I wrote you 30 love letters, least I could do was write one piece of hate mail for the grand finale.

I am going to miss you forever, bitch/sugardoll/female-me.



  1. i was ganna say this on "Ode born in secrets", but you are fuckin talented man

  2. Very different indeed...
    I often think ..what's the point on getting all whinny and needy at a time of heartbreak? I can take life and all of it's horribleness. BAH We're young.. we'll meet someone new and the past will suddenly blow over. Who knows when that'll happen?
    whoooo knows...