I wish this post were intended to be a fantastic piece of [highly embellished, paternally-charged non-] fiction, but alas, it is just narcissism. Narcissism as usual. Because I am damn proud of three very special people. Three very special people who let me be a dick to them for no particular reason, and who, in return, churn out fantastic pieces of original literature. I do not fucking deserve the honor. I just want to publicly thank the Z.Y.X and, specifically, the narcissistic pot-fiends here at RoRhet, because you/they could be doing important things. But instead, you/they spend hours writing inane, pompous babble. 'Dribble', I think, is the figurative term. So thanks for sticking around, through the bad drama and the non-drama and the serious, serious shit to come. Y'all are a bunch of lazy homos, and I thank you for it.

Oh, and you readers are pretty dope on occasion too.


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