Sylvia was not sure if she was particularly attracted to this man. He seemed so childishly naive, but also surprisingly articulate as well as confident. There was a definite air of mystery about him. Her friend, Natalie, insisted on discussing the politics of philosophy with him, despite the fact that she was frustrated and somewhat disgusted by his opinions, but could not help herself from engaging since he constantly replied, very fervently, and with such little rationale. Sylvia continued listening to them argue and soon felt the desire to roll a joint. Without making any sort of gesture to the others, she did this and soon gained the entire group's attention, non-verbally eliciting an excursion outside.

The argument ended, but there was still tension hanging between both parties, so Sylvia finally used her chance to get a word in edgewise and said, 'I think that people should just respect that everyone thinks differently'. This statement was not only relevant to the argument, but also to the circumstances surrounding its perpetuation, and though the man's attention had been fixed on Natalie for most of the night, it suddenly and intensely shifted to Sylvia. They shared the joint she rolled and then one of his cigarettes afterward, but said nothing to each other.

A few days later there was a dance party at a club about two blocks from Sylvia's apartment, and since she had finished studying for her exams and had completed a ten-page paper earlier that day, she and a couple of her neighbors decided to enjoy themselves and dance the night away. Upon arriving at the club, Sylvia immediately ran into the man and he offered to get her a glass of champagne. 'Why thank you. Yes,' she replied and he soon returned with one. Her neighbors, mildly concerned about her well being lingered for a moment, but after seeing the unspoken chemistry between the two, decided it best to leave them alone, and did. Sylvia asked the man if he wanted to dance. He said yes.

The man danced very sensuously and was very responsive to the subtly with which Sylvia moved her hips and limbs and eyes. He touched her where she wanted to be touched. His hands found their way up and down her waist and his cheek found her cheek and his croch found her ass and she was aroused. 'Let's get out of here,' she said to him. 'What?' He couldn't hear her over the music. She said it louder. He smiled. They left.

Back at her apartment Sylvia closed the windows and turned off the lights as the man stood in the hallway, waiting for something. She spread herself out on her couch and he came over to her. Propping himself against the back of the seat, he kissed her. It wasn't long before every inch of her naked body had felt his lips against them and she wanted him inside of her. He struggled pathetically with the condom. She was on birth control and was too frustrated to give a shit. 'You don't have any STDs do you?' She asked him, anxiously. 'No,' He said, and she sort of believed him. 'Just don't come inside of me'.

All the time he had wasted trying to get the condom on had softened him up, so she started giving him a blow job. Finally, he was hard enough to give her what she wanted, and so she took it, and took it, and it sent shivers up her spine and fuck! She loved it. She came with her eyes shut tight, gripping at the couch for dear life, and God, it had been so long since she'd felt this good, she thought to herself. The man was having trouble keeping his erection after she came so she blew him again, but to no avail. It was late, they were both tired and she had class in the early afternoon, so they slept.

A couple of hours later, he woke her to tell her he was leaving. 'I'm not up for anything serious,' she said to him, 'but if you want to do this again some time...'. 'Okay.' He said. She fell back to sleep as he was getting dressed.

The man never called Sylvia again. He never called.



  1. Sylvia was just being polite anyway,
    She might have been too much of a hipster for the man to call back.
    The man might have been preoccupied writing screenplays and watching films while alternatively on a conquest for other women.

    Now to destroy all mystery: I think that man was a virgin beforehand.