i haven't been on a date in forever.


i think that i'm gonna write my first post where i'm not really bitching about something.
goooo, OS (i just shortened my pseudonym in case you didn't quite get that)!?!

i think this is one of those dry times in life.
it seems almost every person i know is single.
(unless they are ugly.
ugly people always have someone for some reason.
probably because, like a friend of mine said, they give great head.)
but, yeah, singledom is actually pretty cool this time around.
i'm not really hurting for companionship, i mean, i have amazing friends.
and a cuddlebuddy when necessary.
and i think right now that's all i need.
it really is kind of fun to have an unlimited amount of options.
i think this is because right now i sort of do.
i feel pretty a good amount of time now.
that sounds sooo bad.
i never feel not pretty.
i just sometimes feel... not as pretty as i am.
and life just seems to be flowing great unexpectedly.
i say all this to say that it's cool to be single and shit.
but i do miss the bangbangbang sometimes.

oh, yeah, add me on facebook.
cuz that's what all the cool kids do.


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