So I apologize for the sudden decision but I decided to go out and do my own thing.

I've deleted all my posts and put them on my own blog, which I have of course, credited to Romantic Rhetoric

However, I think that my vision interferes with the blog and as such I am writing my own thing.

If you want to find my stuff it's at http://www.owlc.blogspot.com

So I'm sorry co-writers but for once I decided to stick up for myself and here it is.

This is a wonderful blog, my nude pictures cheapened it so please keep reading rorhet, it has a lot to say and it keeps firing up the literary engine, a lot more than my senseless rants.

So if you want tits and rants you know where to go, but if you want depth you stay here.

Floyd and Buttercup are the ones that started me writing again and I thank them deeply for it, but now I have to go and do what I do. I may not be as popular but hey, my goal in life is to : a) go to law school or b) open a bakery.



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