friends shouldn't fuck.

it's been so long i almost forgot my name...
sad, sad thing.
i need a fucking computer.
and the internet
any donators?)

people have too many problems removing emotions from "friend i fuck" situations. 
most, not all. 
but (i'm making up this statistic) at least 65% of all friendships are made fucky by screwing. 
it's usually the fault of the chick right?
cuz we're all soft and warm and gushy on the inside. 
no pun intended?
but--really--someone always catches feelings. 
and if you guys are already friends and someone is considering falling on the pen15 or inside of the vag (even worse!!) DON'T DO IT!!
it's great at first, you know, you all stare into each other's eyes. 
and have all of those great inside jokes. 
and you kiss lots. 
and think nobody can see you guys making eyes across the room.
but they can. 
and you guys will start spending even more time together. 
over night is next. 
then days at a time. 
then comes a fight. 
and you end up with eight kids on welfare. 
so don't have sex with your friends.

(i know i cut it short... 
but i'm in a rush. 
so bite me. 
you fucking chuckled anyway.)


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