I recently discovered 'anime porn' commonly known as 'Hantie', while browsing for normal porn on my favorite free pornographic video site, and found this:

I think I feel more 'creeped out' than anything by these images/sounds/what is being simulated, via tediously hand-drawn graphic animation. I kind of feel 'turned on', but not in a way that I feel comfortable 'exploring physically'.

Honestly don't 'get' the function/consumer base for this kind of entertainment. Seems like this kind of imagery is the product of a 'severely repressed/deranged mind' that has an understanding of the physical ramifications of 'love-making' but no first-hand experience to 'draw from', only bizarre fantasies.

I think I felt how whatever bro made this seems to feel at some point in my life, via grade-school fantasies/reacting inappropriately to Disney heroine memes due to purberty, but that sentiment eventually wore off and animated people just became 'kids stuff' to me. Where/who is the audience for this type of 'entertugment'?

Apparently 'cool people' watch this/like this shit. Not sure if they are doing it 'ironically'.

Some bro from nerve.com decided to find out what it would be like to 'have sex' with a 'RealDoll', which is like a life-sized fake person you carry around with you everywhere, like a comatose girlfy or something.

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Srsly didn't realize I was so 'out of touch' with what my audience is 'looking for' in women/tug material/fantasies in general. Apparently it is 'cooler' to be dating a broad that some person made up who is sexual than it is to be actually 'fucking' a sexy (but by default insane and probably frigid) 'real vagina'.

I can't say this isn't confusing to me. What happened to 'valuing' 'human life' and 'personal relationships' and the ever-straining 'long distance relationship'? Is that era over? Am I the last to hear about it? Is it too late for me to 'take part' in this sort of deviant behavior, via tugging to 'fake people'? Since it has apparently gone 'completely mainstream'.

Feeling 'really confused', maybe about my 'sexuality'.

Not sure what is 'attractive' to me sexually anymore.

Do you all ever have this problem? Is fantasizing about something 'okay' as long as there are the quintessential 'genitalia' involved in the fantasy?

Will bestiality ever 'go mainstream', or will society bypass that and start 'having sex' with 'abstract ideas'?

Soooo confused/concerned.

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