I've been taking inventory of my 'romantic interests' lately, and I've decided that my current girlfriend is not 'in my league' and that I could do much better as far as acquiring an aesthetically/sexually/intellectually attractive partner is concerned.

Here is a photograph of her:

Here is a photograph of her naked:

Meh. I admit, she's OK.

My biggest problem is that I have some reservations about dating Catholic girls, because they have pretty fucked up risk assessment centers in their brains. We have unprotected sex probably 80% of the time, and when we don't it is because she is on her period and doesn't want me to get blood and menstrual discharge on my cock.

Seems like I have been 'treading the line' between being a bro who is dating a pretty hot woman and being a bro who fucked up his life by getting involved with 'a fucking stupid whore'.

She dresses nice and everything, but a girl who looks like my girlfriend doesn't understand the concept of people not being able to give her constant attention. I have a lot of important things in my life that need to be taken care of and she just 'doesn't get' it.

Seems like her being near the top of that list should be enough. I don't like that she doesn't understand this and I think if her intelligence quotient were a few points higher she would be a much better girlf.

What I really want is an 'intellectual' broad.

I've been facebook/Gmailchatting this girl for a while now. She is actually able to hold a competent conversation and uses sarcasm in a way that isn't clearly insulting.

I actually got her to send me a nudie photo too.

She's a few years younger than me and is socioeconomically inferior to me, but as far as sheer intrigue is concerned, I feel like dating a 'self-aware' alt who isn't constantly making 'fucking retarded', narcissistic decisions would be infinitely better than dating a 'slutty' sorostitute.

Maybe I'm 'getting old' and 'looking for younger poon' or something. I feel genuinely confused about what it is that I am really 'looking for' regarding finding a girl to have a long-term relationship with.

Maybe I should find a broad with a 'type A' personality like my first girlfriend who I broke up with because I wanted to 'get tons of poon in college'. I actually kind of cried when I 'gave her the shaft'/lost my virginity to her via break-up sex.

We kind of had a fling last time I was between girlfriends.

For some reason this image is 'sexy' to me. It seems 'tender' and 'domestic' or something. She always insists, sweetly and non-condescendingly if I would put on a condom. I'm not sure what would happen if I said no

Not sure what I was thinking between the ages of 18 and 2_, or why I made such immature decisions with respect to who I decided to get 'emotionally involved' with.

Kind of confused whether this means I want to 'settle down' and 'have kids' or something, but really I just hope that I don't end up having sex with women like this cougar who is sexually soliciting me at my job when I reach my 'mid-life crisis'.

Her husband left her recently. Seems like I am primarily focused on acquiring a 'suitable mate' or something, and find someone I could 'realistically perceive spending an inordinate amount of time with for the "rest of my life"'.

Don't want some broad who will be manic-depressive or suicidal or something after 8+ years of being in a 'stable relaish'. Don't want to be 'the guy' who leaves shitty memories and a broken woman somewhere in the suburbs in the distant-to-never future.

Might go on a spiritual journey or something to 'cope with' these thoughts about my life/my future. Really not comfortable with these social pressures 'crushing my head in' or something. Definitely not comfortable with being solicited for sex by a MIWNLF via 'Mother I Would Not Like to Fuck'.

'Sluttie babes' via guess her muff.


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