'Think Tank' is a poetry collection by Messrs. Jordan Castro and Richard Wehrenberg Jr.
Jordan Castro sent me a copy 'gratis.'
I am unsure why.
I told him I would review 'Think Tank' 'posthumously,' and schedule it to appear on this blog.
I enjoyed reading the poems collected in this chapbook thing.

Thematically it seems Jordan Castro and Richard Wehrenberg Jr. are obsessed with 'domination' and 'conquering' in a fundamentally non-sarcastic way,
But seem to realize the futility of feeling the desire/impulse to 'dominate'/'conquer' things,
Since the practices of 'claiming dominion' and 'being a conqueror' seem to be the opposite of 'life-affirming,'
Due to intense human suffering caused by these abstractions.
These poets seem able to address this sarcastically through their poems or something.

Jordan Castro

The voice that Jordan Castro writes with seems foreign, or not himself; well-constructed,
Like he is writing about someone pretending to be someone else, from the perspective of an objective observer.

I enjoyed the effect that this style had on my reading experience.


Richard Wehrenberg Jr. seems like he could feasibly have been 'a jock' that had 'an existential awakening' a la Jack Kerouac,
And writes primarily what his passions/thoughts are, while frequently questioning the physical/abstract states of various things.
Seems like Richard Wehrenberg Jr.'s writing is less fictional/written from 'a more honest/questioning' voice than Jordan Castro's maybe.

I most enjoyed reading four of the last three poems, called 'how cell phones ruin romantic poems', 'like matryoshka dolls', and the title piece, 'think tank for human beings in general'.

I like poems about one person talking to another person self-consciously,
'Think Tank' has a lot of poems in this vein.

I think that Jordan Castro is a prodigious young poet and will continue to write good things in the near/semi-distant future and feel sad that I will be dead when this happens.

I think that Richard Wehrenberg Jr. has a unique vision of the world,
And I enjoy the effect that the experience of 'trying to visualize "the world" how Richard Wehrenberg Jr. visualizes "the world" via reading his poetry' has on my brain/perception of 'the world.'

I recommend this poetry collection to depressed people everywhere,
And specifically recommend reading Jordan Castro's 'this morning i worried about my face, among other things',
Therapeutically, to briefly assuage severe feelings of self-loathing.

Have a good evening.

Jordan Castro
Richard Wehrenberg Jr.

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