Transient fucking thing, people are.

If you have any kind of understanding of how life came to be here, then you know that we only sit tight for sixty or so years because that’s the way it had to happen. Successful reproduction is the driving force behind our going and goings on. Successful re-pro-duction.

Now we go on and about moving from thing to thing like it’s our business to be this ADHD. But we're neglectin' to take a hint from the much calmer, steadier forces that keep on keeping on, without being busy or hard-pressed to get stuff done. Look at trees for instance.

A billion years ago, trees got it all figured out, just set themselves down, organism and environment working in harmony, without any need to fuck with all else, and goddamn trees have been around for a while haven’t they? But people? Naw, naw people pick up and move on as soon as life gets a little awkward. They just keep that train of thought movin’ from station to station to station until the fuel’s all used up. I suppose not all people are like that though. Well, take ole Maw and Paw Sanchez for example.

Now they’re not really as ole as their name implies, they’re just wise and steady in their ways. Made a fortune on the internet not too long ago, and bought a farm with their earnings, “royalties” they call ‘em. And now they just sit on their porch in the hot day’s dawn and noon and night, pondering on the ole pondering juice, occasionally heading in for a little hanky-panky, ‘cause that’s what married folks do, and supposedly they’re collaborating on some sort of joint venture together. Might account for that big ole crop o’ marijuana in their back yard.

Tell you the God’s honest truth, ya'll--I envy the motherfuckers.


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