"Hey I'm here"
"okay, I'll be right down! Yay!"
She sounded excited, but not too excited. It was as if she was trying to convince me that she was, when, infact, she was not. It was just a little bit of her character that always threw me off. I appreciated her humour and her hair, the way she played guitar and the voice she used to fake that excitement. It never bothered me, just threw me off.

I always had a predilection for her company. I am not much for words but I feel uncomfortable in silence, but never with her. We could just sit an stare and breathe aimlessly, it was fresh. Even after a while, I'd get the feeling that I loved her, I felt that among all my failed love affairs, she could be the one, for there was never an affair at all. I imagined us traversing the wonders of the world and the galleries of deceased empires.

She is beautiful, but I'm not all too attracted to her. It's fair to say I just want to hold on to her company forever, I don't know exactly how I love her yet, but I know it's pure.

The door opened and she had company with her, a lovely girl whom I had never seen before, "hello! My name is Floyd"
"oh hi! Are you Vanessa's boyfriend?"
My eyes went weak as they moved over to Vanessa, she replied, "Hah no way, this is the guy I was telling you about! I love him like a sibling!"
I don't know exactly how I love her yet, but I know it's not like that.


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