movie critique: 'dogtooth'

giorgos lanthimos directs
christos sergioglou
michele valley
aggeliki papoulia
mary tsoni
hristos passalis
and anna kalaitzidou

rating: 'not subtle'

you feel affected by the fact that the cast actually participated in making 'dogtooth' maybe more than you feel affected by robert downey jr.'s participation as the lead in 4+ iron man-related movies

you feel abstractly affected by the family construct within the movie and how it relates to your own

you think 'religious ass' and 'magical realism' repeatedly while screening this movie but feel like these are somehow false reactions/interjections and question the relationship between the themes in this movie and certain associative 'religious' and 'zany' neuron clusters in your brain

you feel surprised that 'dogtooth' seems uncomfortably dissimilar to your interpretation of 'dark comedy'

themes in this movie:
  • prostitution
  • animal cruelty
  • incest
  • pornography
  • explicit language
  • expressive dance
  • self-harm
  • assault with a deadly weapon
  • attempted homicide
  • faking pregnancy
  • blatant falsification of common knowledge
  • restricting technology
  • invention and destruction of an entity created to instill fear
  • psychological abuse
  • denying an adult freedom of speech
  • lying about a disability
  • parents beating their children
  • rocky balboa
  • 'jaws' (1975)
  • self-kidnapping 
you don't like this movie

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