What 'A Relationship' is 'Actually'

‘Dumb animals’ tend 2 be social beings, due to their inability 2 function solitarily in a context not directly addressing reproductive ability/speed/efficiency. Humans happen to fall in2 this ‘dumb animal’ category [via humanity’s uncontrollable self-destructive behavior], and individually seem 2 decide that ‘co-dependence’, despite the conflicting desire to ‘be alone sometimes’, is a waayyy better way to ensure survival in the long-term.

‘Stupid animals’, like humans, have evolutionarily developed sensory, emotional, and chemical reactions that ensure this ‘sense of co-dependence’ interrupts daily life-tasks/goals enough and to a point where relationships [as we understand them] are sought after and tirelessly pursued...

Let’s take a ‘walkthrough’ around the various ‘staged of life’ and see how these tendencies manifest, primarily in a romantic sense:


Lil human babies are ‘super co-dependent’, in that they are incapable of performing any ‘survive in the wild’-type practical tasks, and there singular mammalian instinct is to grab the closest pair of titties and suckle suckle on them.

Human mothers are all like ‘oh my little baby, oh my little baby’ which exposes the child to early ideas of ‘possession’, ‘property’, and negative reinforcement of the child’s actual importance in the universe, which is close to if not equal to zero.

Because babies are cute, they get picked up and patted and touched on their cute lil faces all the time, creating an ‘interactive comfort zone’ that dictates future physical boundaries among other things. If a baby feels happy/comforted by feelings of being touched, the tendency that the baby will be ‘relationship normative’ is far higher


Children, being completely incapable [at this growth development stage] of deciphering their own thought processes, typically ask common-sense based questions that build ‘world-view-constructing’ reasoning capabilities.

‘ In light of’ these basic rhetorical exercises, children usually learn to play in groups and naturally begin forming lil oligarchies and decide who their favorite person/people are long before politics, warfare, or

Children are ‘all about’ hugging and holding hands and touching each other casually and in an ‘innocent’ manner that seems [appropriately] psychotic: craving interaction without any notion of what interaction ‘means’ or why they want to be held. It just makes them feel better/calm to be touching people.

Is this a basic ‘problem’ among humans that emotional stability cannot be established w/o excessive touching/feeling/kissing?

Do humans need to


Teenagers and their crazie hormone spikes cause a sudden influx of ‘I just wanna fondle u a lil’ feelings and feelings of ‘wtf is that bitch doing with my man’ and ‘let’s cum 2gether’ that cause closeness to seem needed and yet awkward and undesirable simply because of how impossibly awkward going from standing next to a person, talking about [something/nothing] is to comfortably cuddling/kissing/canoodling.

Clear evidence of the ‘dumb animal’ qualities exhibited by humans occurs at this stage. Evolution should have prepared humanity for a rabbit-style procreation scheme that begins after puberty, but because humans live way longer than most mammals, ‘nature’ seems to have ‘elongated the process’ over the course of a ‘gut-wrenching’ seven years before interaction seems easy and like meeting people will ‘just happen’ and the weird hormonal awkwardness is just a ‘remnant’ of ‘puberdy’ or something.


The social drive in humans to ‘connect’ seems ‘the most useless’ in full-grown adults due to the absurd, ‘childish’, aggression-repressing antics it inspires. Since the evolution-based 49:51 male-to female ratio caused humanity to deduce that monogamy is a practical way to live lonely, meaningless lives, people spend a lot of time in their 20’s//30’s//40’s trying to produce the ‘choicest’ of spawn with the ‘choicest’ of fuckbuddies/donors in what seems to be a woman inspired vague sense of ‘wanting to have a cute lil baby’ and have prolonged feelings of ‘security’ and ‘unconditional love’, while bros have been evolutionally catered to in that they equally vaguely like to go around cumming inside of ‘choicest’ vaginas while thinking of abstract ideas of ‘hotness’ and concentrating on vaguely good-feeling peen stimulation.

Also: ‘Who will inherit my empire?’

This process, a basic aspect of humanity’s long-term survival, seems totally chill, except that the emotional unpredictability inspired by learned reactions to feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, alienation and [something describing not having had physical interaction for prolonged periods of time] ‘contact-withdrawal’ are the same feelings that cause people to kill each other when aggravated due to prolonged feelings of insecurity. If every1 were ‘totally secure’ in how terrible life inevitably is and learned to think sarcastically about ‘progress’, ‘hope’ and ‘change’, everyone would spend more time being happy because of ‘humor’ and not pursuing conflict-driven goals/ideals.

When adult humans are not preoccupied with indulging all of these vague feelings of ‘longing’ [via procreation instinct], it seems like they only perform ego-boosting tasks that either are meaningless and repetitive or seem to try to initiate


People don’t want to die alone after having lived for a super long time dealing with confusing feelings of wanting to [and at the same time not wanting to] interact with specific types of people. So out of fear they cling 2 their offspring & living friends, pinching lil cheeks and stretching gnarled, saggily arms out for bony, uncomfortable, old people boob-filled hugs and drooly smooches.

Wanting to hold someone’s hand when ‘it’s time 2 go’ seems mad selfish, since that person will probably be super traumatized by ur death. Seems better to let him/her go off doing fun meaningless things sarcastically while you die instead of being all ‘teary-eyed’ and confused about whether you went to heaven or nirvana or in2 another womb or something.


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