It seems that 'Hollywood', the autonomous entity that is responsible for producing and distributing feature-length films, thinks that a large percentage of Americans are interested in watching 'movies' about men and women 'falling in love'. I'm curious why this happens. Wha the fuck are 'bromanitic comedies?'

This is a recent 'romcom' that I saw in movie theaters. I think it was about two broads and two dudes who were confused about their lives and were lookin for love everywhere but where love happens. At the end of the movie everyone had sex with each other and seemed to feel good about their life decisions.

I'm unsure if this is something I would want to happen in my life. I think if I met a broad and was interested in having sex with her, or spending a substantial amount of time/my life with her, I would introduce some kind of mutually entertaining gimmick we could align our relationship with. 'Love' isn't one of the gimmicks I would use. I would prefer a phrase, like 'you're an insensitive dick,' or something, to base the relationship around, so that when that phrase lost its novelty, the relationship would clearly be over. I think this is a better source of prolonged feelings of attachment and stability than trying to convince each other we are 'in love.'

Here's the trailer for another film I saw recently:

This trailer is extremely misleading. It seems like whoever made this was attempting to market to the demographic of 'slam piece-smashing bros'. The actual movie is about two fellas who accidentally 'fall in love' while trying to fuck hella bitches in different milieus around Washington DC. They meet two girls, sisters, at a wedding, and end up living 'happily ever after' with them after a lot of situational, physical humor happens.

As unrealistic as the main premise seems, I think the thematic subversion, acknowledging that 'everybody is looking for love' is fucked and inaccurate. The fact that people pay money to watch these types of movies and make 'Hollywood' more wealthy seems really silly to me.

Here is a trailer for a movie about vampires that are in love (it's in high definition and might have a commercial at the beginning. sorry bros):

There is a serious amount of hoopla surrounding this film. I don't think it's actually a 'romantic comedy' but the main plot devices used in=between the 'really fucking serious' scenes involve people saying things that seem like they should be laughed at. At the end the vampire bro eats his girlfriend by accident while in a hemophilia-induced blood consuming rampage. I didn't enjoy watching that.

I think what's 'really happening' is that Americans enjoy watching famous people seducing each other and being seduced. There's nothing really deep or interesting going on here. Maybe people want to feel like everyone is crazy so that they feel less crazy on a daily basis by relating their lives to some 'insanely funny' movie about people looking for meaning in their lives.

Bonus movie trailer after the jump.

Wha the fuck.

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